Forest health in a changing world

Today’s forests have been greatly altered by human activity and face increasing threats from drought, insect infestations and fire. A Special Section in Science this week examines forest health from the tropics to the boreal forests of the north. Read more:
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This image processing system acts like our eyes–collecting the most information from the center of the field of view. Capturing scenes at different resolutions saves processing time and can be used in systems where quick decisions are key–like self-driving cars. Learn more:

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7 thoughts on “Forest health in a changing world”

  1. What we need are world leaders who aren't greedy bastards, we also need to address population limits. Oh, and leave stupid religion out of the discussion. There is no afterlife, this is it right here people…

  2. So a 3 cm chip of these can theoretically hold 10,000 of these lenses.
    10/4= 2,500
    So a total of 10,000 pixels with 2,5k pixels at each of the 4 distances.

    Worse then todays cameras and a long way from our estimated 250,000 pixels eye resolution

    What is needed is to expand the capacity of each lens if its ever going to work, maybe 10 pixels per lens.


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