19 thoughts on “Formation of Fossil Fuels”

  1. Total bullsth . Living matter is >95% water ! It would take a pile of living matter so high it would have to reach to the Mars to get enough matter for an oil field. TRUTH is the oil was there already, by an intelligent creator .

  2. Bullsht. Oil is found well below the 16,000 feet (3 mile) fossil decay. If it was fossil decay there wouldnt be so much oil.

  3. is there a way ( with using sustainable energy like solar ) to recreate this natural process a lot faster? Seems very unlikely but I am not scientist

  4. This made perfect sense. But life and the earth where just fine when there where tons of oxygen in the air and I think humans have fucked up enough just look at cap and trade laws: lets pollute more under the guise of curbing pollution. Too bad we are going to take so many other forms of life with us. O well we are arrogant buffoons who are concerned with trivial things and luckily life is resilient and will live on; and I take solace in the fact that all life shares a common ancestor and we are basically cousins to all life on this earth. Not to mention plants and insects did fantastic when there was tons of carbon in the air so I am confident life will go on I just hope the next time it gains intelligence it isn't as arrogant and wasteful as we have been.

    Its just ridiculous we argue over things like desert holy books and natural resources when we are technologically advance enough we should be harnessing other forms of energy and seed life throughout the galaxy because here is a newsflash: earth is a very chaotic place and we have gotten a relatively calm period in the grand scale of billions of years of existence. Also our galaxy and the universe are incredibly chaotic and life as we know it could change in a flash because of a thousand different cosmic phenomenon that we know of. We should be ensuring that life and intelligent life as we know it have a backup encase our hard drive (earth) gets wiped; like it figuratively has soooooo many times in the past.

    Here is something that a lot of people do not realize on the time scale of earth. the stegosaurus is closer in time to us then it is to the tyrannosaurus. Dinosaurs where around for exponentially longer then us and soooo many had come and gone before they where finally wiped out leading to the rise of mammals and eventually intelligence. We are so incredibly luckily that intelligence has emerged but we are in our infancy and have no clue how fickle our existence is, if we do not wise up we are going to loose the greatest thing to happen to life on earth that we know of. But I would also say we get what we deserve at this point.

  5. oil is 100% fossil, and yes, oil can be found as deep as 40,000 feet because oil is liquid it can easily pass those porous rock layers,

    you understand?


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