19 thoughts on “Fossil Fuel Formation Complete”

  1. Oil and Coal are bituminous – A-Biotic – it is produced near Earth's Mantle and pushed up – the De Education must stop. The science is out – coal sometimes contains fossils (impossible?) – sometimes has ancient trees entrapped within the seam (impossible?) – coal is found on top of the ground and often there are dozens of seams sitting on top of eachother running in different directions (impossible?) Not impossible when you realise it's Not Fossil – it's not biological – it is Bituminous.

  2. Underground Oil did NOT come FROM fossils ! Living things are 95% Water :
    tHere is NO WAY the 5% of matter in something alive could even
    decompose to form ONE 55 gallon barrel of oil………there is no way
    a bunch of animals and tree could have died enough to create even 500
    gallons of oil, let alone the 1 Billion gallon Oil Fields we have today
    … think about it . "Fossil Fuel" is a term the media uses to get you
    to believe 'evolution' and not Creation . IF you take a forest every 100 years, there still in not enough matter to make an oil field. and then why is there a "water table " underground and NOT oil in 99%of the earth .


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