Fossil Fuels vs Renewable Energy Sources

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21 thoughts on “Fossil Fuels vs Renewable Energy Sources”

  1. Excellent resource for the student and the installer. From the basics of solar energy to installation, it has [link here>>> ] nearly everything you need to effectively make solar projects happen.

  2. Nathan.K, if you are from the future, than why do you have an afro, that shit is from the 90"s

  3. First off I do not believe oil is formed from fossils. Having said that will entertain the idea. Ok,a fossil is formed when something living dies correct? Life & death are constant correct? The Sun produces solar rays that arrive here everyday correct? However the sun rays we catch are not recycled into new rays so after we use a ray of sun we get new ones correct? One could say fossils are more renewable than sun rays because the sun has a life span (so we think) and life is constant. Now I might not have all the scientific terms that have been created correct but do you see my point?

  4. Kind of difficult for a child to make an educated choice for which is better when you have not explained wind or solar energy sources.

  5. Carbon dioxide is NOT a pollutant! What in the world do you think TREES and PLANTS use?

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