27 thoughts on “Free Energy Light Bulbs – 220v using Potato”

  1. Claro señores , y de ahora en más ya no se necesitarán usinas termonuclear sino sembradios de papas ! Los portaaviones y demás naves darán la vuelta al mundo con sólo 5 bolsas de papas !!!!!!!!!!!

  2. इन पागलों के साथ दिमाग खराब करने में कोई फायदा नहीं है इनके मां बाप भी पागल तुम भी पागल है कचरे के

  3. ગુજ્જુ ભાઈ

    બટાકા મારા બગડ્યા પૈસા મોકલો

    ખોટું કેમ મોકલો છો

    છા ચુ મોકલ

  4. I like your style 👍👍👍keep them coming👍 feel free to use any of my videos for your channel "no copyright Shite! On my stuff!!

  5. Good Vid – A side note is how the airlines have just recently added all these 10,12,14, even 18 hour direct flights. No speak of new plane or engine technology – just oh hey look what we can do now – FLY on and on and on for FREE

  6. They use air compressor to extract ''heat'' from air to power a steam turbine in closed loop.  Are you aware that the heat produced by a car engine is not produced because of the fuel but because of the compression of the air ?  Watch this video to give you an idea of the process http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Il27VvHu-s0

  7. Airbus A380 more fuel-efficient than a Toyota Prius. The plane can carry 81,890 gallons of fuel and flies 8000 nautical miles, i.e., it burns approximately 10 gallons of fuel per nautical mile or 9 gallons per statute mile.

    Sorry Mick but I worked at BAe building the Wing Box fuel tanks for the BAe 146 & they are fooking massive plus the wings carried fuel too




    There "ARE" free energy systems out there but as you say the illmunati won't let us have them… If you invent one, you are bought off or you die suddenly

  8. Mike, cant charge us for free energy? The hell they can't! They already charge us for air. Its called the carbon tax. They even tax us for dying! Thats right, you get taxed when you die.

    By the way, apple cider vinegar works great for sunburns.

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