Gas vs. Hybrid Vehicle Debate

Car Pro Jerry Reynolds from Car Pro USA
gives you his tips on the choice of the pros and cons of gas-powered or hybrid cars when choosing your next vehicle. For more straight talk & honest answers about everything automotive, visit
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6 thoughts on “Gas vs. Hybrid Vehicle Debate”

  1.  Hybrid batteries are recyclable. They are not just dumped in land fills! There are very strict guidelines, set forth by the EPA about hybrid batteries. A lot of people on the internet, who complain about hybrids, seem to really not know what they are talking about.

  2. The plus side (assuming the batteries are properly recycled the planet will thank you however technology needs to improve along with the price before it will make sense for most to consider this change.

  3. Just to clarify it is NiCad that contains Cadmium and is toxic. NiMH batteries are not toxic . Lithium batteries (such as those used in hybrids) are also toxic to the environment. The down side to Hybrids is that the difference in cost as mentioned would take years to see any savings verses a moderately priced yet fuel efficient non hybrid.

  4. Are you bloody joking me!? 1:43 Landfills could potentially see a surge in toxic (and valuable) batteries full of hazardous materials.
    I've heard a lot of those arguments for a good while, and as if everyone forgot the fact that batteries are the most recycled product.
    Even not, those batteries (the hazardous ones being the old NiMH) are usually found still in a car, completely sealed in metal casings. They're valuable, usually sold as parts separately, or sold to official recycling plants.


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