Genocide Against Humans with Genetically Modified Food! Must See Video!

Shocking truth about genetically modified foods killing us slowly and intentionally. Would humans do this to other humans and their own children?

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14 thoughts on “Genocide Against Humans with Genetically Modified Food! Must See Video!”

  1. Brilliant original anti-GMO rap sung by Mike Adams that closes this video ought disseminate wwwide.

  2. We are at a unique cross roads, We have an abundance of lawyers, political engineers ,etcs… I heard solutions spoken of and we are so ready to stop this trail of destruction. Why no mass riots, marches focused boycotts.etc. Let's do this while we can.

  3. Send Monsatos and these big companies to prison 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠

  4. Our future is not looking good.  We must see that the plagues are falling all over the earth and the wake up call is that we are in the season of the soon coming of JesusChrist.

  5. We have children less than a year old having cancer… I ate some cooked cereal and I got sick and vomited and I vomited up, these almost clear looking fish egg looking stuff.. it was piled up like.. really weird… I throwed the box away! Yuk! It's killing our honey bees too… WE need to get rid of all these GMO's NOW! These are making us very sick! The human body can't handle this… we weren't designed to.

  6. Time to storm the castle!!! Well since I am dying anyway from this as well as all of us what have we got to lose?,and since we are all considered to be terrorist by our evil gov what have we got to lose?.I say this is game over anyway for us and our planet lets just do it.

  7. Remember so called Zionist Jews , yes god's supposed chosen control our food industry. This entity is truly "ALIEN".

  8. Russians will not buy our wheat anymore coz they know what's up.
    Most people have no idea what is going on with our lizard leaders, it's called a soft kill.. Out with the old and in with the New species.
    Get your affairs in order. Its going to be America's turn to die off. Keep the faith, peace…. out.

  9. This stuff is being used to reduce population. The profits are just gravy.
    Don't eat the Shiite.
    Check out the codex , it's basically going to starve us and kill us . The research is out there. CODEX.
    Try to rise above these killers . Die before you die and realize there is no death. So don't lose your cool and stop playing that friggin gloom and doom music.
    Monsantos. is is a lot of look good mean nothing b.s.

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