Geothermal Energy How Enhanced Geothermal System Works

EGS stands for Enhanced Geothermal System or Engineered Geothermal Energy System. It is an artificial form of producing Geothermal power from the earth. energía geotérmica o sistema geotérmico mejorado.

地熱エネルギーまたは強化された地熱システム-Chinetsu enerugī matawa kyōka sa reta chinetsu shisutemu

地热能源或增强型地热系统 – Dìrè néngyuán huò zēngqiáng xíng dìrè xìtǒng

ဘူမိစွမ်းအင်သို့မဟုတ်တိုးမြှင်ဘူမိစနစ်က – bhuumi hcwmaain shoetmahote toemyahain bhuumi hcanait k

भूतापीय ऊर्जा या बढ़ाया भू-तापीय प्रणाली – bhootaapeey oorja ya badhaaya bhoo-taapeey pranaalee
أو الطاقة الحرارية الأرضية أو نظام الطاقة الحرارية الأرضية المعزز – ‘aw alttaqat alharariat al’ardiat ‘aw nizam alttaqat alharariat al’ardiat almueazaz

Best Book to Refer – Sustainable Energy – Choosing Among Options (OIP)
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This Technology is invented in recent years but yet to be deployed to its optimum level.It is a revolution in Non-conventional Energy segment as By EGS we can produce Energy anywhere in this world & the source is ample & Unlimited.In the Conventional Hydrothermal or Geothermal power the reservoir is naturally exists but in EGS the reservoir is created artificially & that is the mechanism behind EGS.

Geothermal is being used more and more as it can provide a baseload to the electricity grid. How much lectricity can a geothermal power station provide? What is the power denisty of geothermalenergy and what are the pros and cons? This video is part of the edX course: Sustainable Energy: Design A Renewable Future (EnergyX)
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