Geothermal Energy Process

This video describes the process of geothermal energy creation.

In Iceland, geothermal power is being used for almost everything — from heating homes to supplying therapeutic spas year round. Scientists and engineers from around the world are participating in a course at the United Nations University (UNU) to learn how to use geothermal energy in their own countries from leading experts in Iceland.
UNIA Programme # 1365
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  3. these are suck. a lot of energy wasted in those long pipe. not necessary go to steam engine to generate heat. Just use a stirling engine. it would save much more energy.

  4. It also deliberately reduce the chance of erupting lava from volcanoes since energy mass under the beneath of the deep surface is coming out of the air.
    But the question is how long such a well hole remain active with such a high pressure as it is gushing up over a long period of time.

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