Global warming: Causes and Solutions

Video compilation for Graduate Students meet 2010, held in ACTREC, Mumbai.
Awareness video for global warming and green house effect, along with role of Human kind as a cause as well as in taking steps for controlling it.

Acknowledgement: Discovery, NatGeo and BBC videos used for compilation along with Evolution:an animated short film by William;
Audio tracks from Artist: Yanni, Linkin Park, Arthur Limma, Gaelic Strom, Kenny G, Hans Zimmer, Kaki King
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Michael Crichton made a speech that later turned into an article entitled, “Aliens Cause Global Warming.” The article is important for the history and philosophy of science. A major fact Crichton misses is that the politicization of science began long before SETI.

1. Michael Crichton’s lecture:
2. Quote from Charles Lyell (noting that he saw his job as freeing science from Moses) in its most complete and original form:;view=1up;seq=287

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