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  1. How would you spend $15,000,000,000,000 with absolute certainty you'll reverse billionaire-caused global warming? Also, please don't indict humanity saying "We" need to rescue the planet unless you can outline a certain plan for revolution [you know today's fascism precludes reform]. Since there's never been genuine democratic governing only psychotic billionaires are responsible for global doom. Call me if you want the plan for the revolution certain to place that $15 trillion under the world's majority control. Bill Kahn 714-794-5116

  2. Human CO2 is not driving global temperatures. CO2 has very little impact on warming — like spitting in the ocean to make sea level rise. Not much. And this notion that Global Warming is bad is so incredibly stupid and criminal. Someone has sold the world ice when we need more warmth. We live in a bloody Ice Age, damn it! Those 2 little white things at the poles will either shrink (end the Ice Age) or grow (usher in the next glacial period).

    Global Warming made civilization possible 12,000 years ago. Our current interglacial (warmer phase of an Ice Age) has already shown signs of shutting down (Ref: data of Alley, 2000). Our interglacial is already older than the average interglacial (Ref: W.S. Broecker, 1998). Governments are planning to cool down the planet. When the Holocene does end, we'll have 90,000 years without summers, rain, crops and civilization to ponder our gullibility.

    Think, people! Someone is lying about what Global Warming will do. The corrupt Corporate Media (owned by the same people who own Big Oil) have made several claims which are false:

    False Claim: *That Global Warming will result in more deserts and droughts* — How does land ever get water? By warming up the oceans. During the far warmer Holocene Optimum, the Sahara Desert was green for nearly 3,000 years.

    False Claim: *That Global Warming will result in stronger and more numerous storms* — What causes wind to blow? It ain't heat. Venus has tons of heat and very little surface winds for millions of years. During the far colder Little Ice Age storms pounded Europe for more than a century — far more than in our modern warm period.

    Global Warming is good, so CO2 is not guilty of any crime. If you don't believe warmth is good, just look at what live is telling us. Look at the population gradient from poles to equator. Polar population is zilch, nada, zip! Population density at the warmer zones are far higher than elsewhere.

    And Earth has suffered CO2 starvation for millions of years. Modern CO2 increases are greening the planet. During the last glacial period of the current Ice Age, we almost lost all C3 species when CO2 levels got to within 30 ppm of the "Red Line" of Extinction. Imagine your world where the only food you have is corn (maize), sugarcane and pineapple. All other major foods destroyed by CO2 starvation. We almost had that 15,000 BC. But now that humans have burned fossil fuels, we have saved all life on Earth from a massive extinction.


  4. globel warming coused by man i dont think so do poeple out there not see wots going on do they not no the the poles are shifting and a ready to flip this is wot is couseing exreem wheather event also more earth qukes

  5. its sad to know that millions of the people watch so many Non sense video in youtube, and videos like this only has 43k views.. 🙁

  6. LFTR, Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors, look it up, its practical, clean, safe, inexhaustible and it already been proven, a test reactor operated from 1965 to 1969 and was only canned by US military because with this reactor they could not make nuclear bombs, if this reactor was at chernobyl or fukishema there would have been NO disasters, its that safe, look it up tell your friends, tell your local politician, the answer is here, its the practical solution society needs,

  7. this my understanding of it all, coal and natural gas is the cheapest form of making huge amounts of power, besides hydro, but with hydro it can be at times be unreliable because of servere droughts, with nuclear energy every nuclear power station should be closed straight away, after fukushima disaster no old style nuclear power stations ever full stop, the future it seems is thorium, that's what everybody should be shouting about, perfectly safe, no harmful waste and no co2 output, all good

  8. yeah i agree with that, but fusion power is not available yet. At the moment the cheapest source of energy is onshore wind energy, and you can trust me about that. There are many subsidies for renewable energy, but nuclear energy and coal are being subsidized almost 4 times more. We learnt that in university (I study renewable energy) and I heard that in TV. That's how the world works…

  9. solar panels are not cost effective, produce to small a amount of electricity to be worth while, that's why they have to be subsidised and when they are subsidised usually poor or middle class people pay for it, with higher electricity costs or higher taxes, putting solar panels up on a few roofs in rich peoples houses is not going to stop co2 from going up, if that is the aim of solar panels, what the world needs is a cheap clean way to make masses of electricity, like fusion power

  10. of course wind turbines and solar panels reduce co2, what are you talking about? Making people rich or poor is no argument, everything that happens in the world makes some richer than others, that's normal. I don't understand what the universities have to do with all this…

  11. so you support renewable energy, good for you, is that to make you feel better, to think I am doing something, to limit co2, when in fact nothing we do will make much difference to co2 output, see this is the scam part, of this whole global warming crap, from solar panels to wind turbines and carbon taxes want do a damn thing, except make certain people rich and if you think for a minute that governments want play along and support the universities to keep this scam going, think again

  12. Yeah I can understand you, I am also indifferent to the people in Africa, because it's the governments in Africa that have to take control of the situation, I don't think it's anyone else's duty. For millions of years there has never been foreign aid to Africa, so why now? What I am not indifferent to is what happens in my country and there I can do a lot of things. And I support renewable energy, as it is the only long term solution.

  13. all I am saying is at election time I will do my democratic duty and vote, that's the limit of my powers, besides expressing my opinion on utube, which is a complete waste of time and some argue that voting is also a waste of time, as for people around the world, in africa I don't want to hurt them, but on the other hand, I am completely indifferent to there suffering or happiness, okay

  14. so you are saying that you have too many own problems to care about what happens in the world, what your government does? This is a very irresponsible attitude and it's because of people like you that most government do whatever they want without obstackes..

  15. you guys worry to much, its not in our hands anyway, so fuck it, what the fuck do I care, I have enough real problems to give a flying fuck about this global warming bullshit, I suggest you people get a grip and get on with life, marry a ugly fat woman and have 4 children grow old and die, If you do that, global warming would be the least of your problems

  16. It appears you are anti-contracpetion. Is this for religious reasons or scientific ones?
    It also appears that you think being irresponsible and having children you cannot provide for or weren't intended is perfectly acceptable. In that case why don't you send your children out with any form of contraception.

  17. do u think the economy can take any damn global carbon nazis tax at this moment? that mortgage backed securites scam, the biggest financial scam in history that sure made goldman sachs (obama's best buddies) very rich and almost everyone else paid for it

    what anyone who wants to get away from this mess ought to do is change currency to another more stable one and travel to an island where it's super cheap to live, get a bunch of servants and big house and watch others kill themselves with ww3

  18. lol u canadians are heading the same way. u guys welcomed the private central bank i heard. u're as fucked as FED has done to US. and we also in europe are fucked cos of our private central bank here. just see how the bankers fuck us up by threatening the countries that are in debt to them. made obama give all those bailouts and it's pretty much ruined the banking system in whole western world. i'm moving my money to asia while u guys enjoy urself getting poor, like euro going down 15% this year

  19. lol why so hostile? yeah well i agree with u on that the solutions are indeed hard to come by. basically to invest on renevable energy is never a loss, because it tends to also pollute less. the whole warming swindle (lie) isn't important but there is things like keeping our water clean from factories' waste products etc that are far more outreaching. and feel free to cut trees all u want, AS LONG u also plant back new ones. moneyjunkie thinking is what gets the better of society right now

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