GLOBAL WARMING is RACIST! – Black Lives Matter vs Air


Did you know that air pollution is racist? No? Well, neither do most people. Probably because that’s retarded, but that hasn’t stopped a group of (entirely white) Black Lives Matter protesters from rallying behind that cause and lying on an airport runway delaying hundreds upon hundreds of flights for what appears to be no good reason.

Come join me, as I stumble further into this depressing reality. See spot run. See spot run. Spot has a gun. Shoot me in the neck.

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Global warming is causing cratered permafrost to release ancient bacteria in Fort McPherson, N.W.T. Warming temperatures are melting previously frozen layers, and exposing organisms that produce carbon dioxide into the air.

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40 thoughts on “GLOBAL WARMING is RACIST! – Black Lives Matter vs Air”

  1. I thought they wanted jobs in their neighborhood? I guess more jobs for minority communities would be racist too though

  2. Christopher my good sir. I agree with your statement but never. Ever diss the spectacular combination of two succulent foods which are swedish fish and oreos

  3. The reason that polluting industries are near poorer areas isn't because they intentionally send pollution to poor people… it's usually because once those industries are there surrounding property values drop and poor people move to wherever property is cheapest. Also… there might be jobs in those polluting industries for people with no skills, and poor people tend disproportionately to be people with no skills.
    We could go in, clean up the pollution, relocate the industries, make the neighborhood nice.. but… guess what? Then property values would go up and those poor people would probably move. Then the SJWs would accuse us of gentrification, like that's a bad thing.

  4. I have a really dark cousin. We were at the beach once, all putting on sun screen, except for him. We asked him why, and he simply said "We don't get sunburned.". And guess what? He got no sunburns. I got so burnt that it hurt just to take off the swim suit. And I had been wearing sun screen. And the peeling skin was like glue coming off my skin. You're right, Chris, the sun is racist! EDIT: I also got the worst sunburn off us all, I think, and most of them were somewhat dark. Not nearly as dark as him, but somewhat. I am white.

  5. The stupid idiots saying this is racist should know that MY HOME the state of Florida (that contributes the least to global warming will be completely underwater if the ice caps mealt

  6. Lol, some of the most common SJW statements I have seen are variants of "Your support of or actions against such and such are proof of racism, whether you intended prejudice or not." I just saw an argument on a messageboard against the thread's OP for not distinguishing Jews from non-Jews when talking about renunciation of Abrahamic faiths, and was called implicitly antisemitic. Even though this accuser fully acknowledged the OP was unintentional in this 'antisemitism' they still put the OP on blast. Intent doesn't matter to SJWs. Whether or not anyone could be offended matters to SJWs.

  7. Global Warming is Going to affect more Africa (And a little of Europe) its because Desserts And Dry Lands are going to go so hot that is going to be unwalkable without the right gear, and a Lot of Immigrant are going to Europe,U.S.A And Asia to escape That (And Maybe Tundra and Cold zones like Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina And Brazil)

    Or thats what I believe, I'm not a Scientist /(•-•)

  8. It's always gonna change there's no stopping mother nature an a few million years ago carbon was so high humans could survive but hey if every thinks a tax an getting rid of cheap energy your dumber then Justin trudeau

  9. I suggest getting on the first spacecraft's out of here. California already had a cult do such. We'll call you on the radio from the beach.

  10. Meanwhile in labs all around the world they're weaponizing everything from the spanish flu to the black plague. Far better chance it is released intentionally or unintentially by a nefarious source than climate change.

  11. Before the mini ice age 300 years ago (1645-1715) Europe as well as the northern hemisphere was unusually warm. We could be heading for a full blown ice age. And they think being warm is a bad thing.

  12. I know what the Sleeping Giant is, I live in Thunder Bay. We had exactly 3 days of summer this year, sure it's been nice the rest of the time, but this global warming/climate change is not believable because it seems it's only got cooler. The Geese started flying south at the beginning of August for Christ sake.

  13. we aren't cavemen using stones we have science so any killer bacteria we can beat its not like we don't know what bacteria are in the ice we know whats in it could possibly use the bacteria to build who bacteria family trees to find the starts and so we can try to predict at how they will evolve.


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