20 thoughts on “GMO A Go Go – Truth about GMOs explained in new animated cartoon”

  1. they say 'oh it's so awful to hide the GMO tag on food' and spend the rest of the video dragging the GMO's through the dirt, why the hell do you Think they hide the GMO tag?
    because you guys say GMO's are basically Hitler, so of course they don't want to have the tags on things, because they know that you guys make them out to be so evil.

  2. Thank GOD for Mike Adams. If he's not allowed to call for the murder of scientists, (as he has and is under FBI investigation because of it,) who will?!

  3. Lets just have clear compulsory laballing so that the consumer can decide what they put into their bodies and not have to worry about potential cancers and tumours cause by using a pesticide like 'RoundUp'.
    In a 30 year study organic actually came up as much better for youand the environment.
    There is also a conflict of interest with the FDA and the commercial farming interests.
    The other problem is that so much money is spent by the big 3, Monsanto, Syngenta and Du Pont by their lobbying congress.
    In the massive frozen seed bank in a mountain in Norway they have NO GM seeds in their vaults, they don't want them either.

  4. We lost our honeybees last year. A farmer down the road grows corn. I don't know if it's GMO corn, but I wonder if there's a connection.

  5. it's a terrible thing happening.. the biotech sectors exponential growth led to tremendous success but unfortunately everything comes with a price and we are paying it ..

    we took it for granted, our tools and techniques, hoping the best out of it without even considering the aftermath it'll soon create. Little did we know about that boon with a doom..

    nothing can be undone that's a fact.. but we can still provide comebacks with our most recent breakthroughs in the fields like biosensor development, bioremediation and biofuels making our environment sustainable which I believe will provide a little relief, if not all but some..

    let's work for a better future… let's make it a better place to live and reside..


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