Green house Effect and Global warming

Green house Effect and Global warming
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This Video covers :
– What is Global Warming?
– What is Green House Effect?
– Consequences of Global Warming.
– How We Can Prevent or Stop Global Warming.
-Effects of Global Warming
-Effects of Greenhouse effect

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34 thoughts on “Green house Effect and Global warming”

  1. The world's population was 700 million in 1750, the population is now is 7 billion. The natural increase in population, and the need for more farms, animals and crops easily contributes to the co2 emissions. This should have been talked about more in the video as a contribution to the increasing greenhouse effect. It is a major contribution and leaving it out is disinformation to blame it all on factories and cars. I do agree that these are contributing factors but they are not the only ones.

  2. nice vid but too slow. after u tell something, u wait for like 15 secs n then tell another thing. got me pretty bored.

  3. i guess its too late now, some 5 months, but maybe you are still interested in the answer.
    the CO2 molecules are excited to vibrate by IR radiation and reradiats all the IR radiation it receives in all directions. this causes warming. its a bit missleading to use the word absorb. the important part is the reradiation in all directions. so some goes out into space as it wanted anyway, but the rest causes the atmosphere to warm up.

  4. you poor little darling Sometimescool1 – imagine an adult giving a shit about your future and a teacher at that!!!!

  5. There is a solution to global warming, if we react fast enough.
    It is explained on a book called –>The Present<– that you can read for free on truthcontest(.)com
    Skip page 53 to read what it says about clean energies.

  6. Please,someone answer my question.If the Co(2) absorbs the heat from the earths surface, why when the Co(2) levels increase, why doesnt the earth cool then? Please answer it.

  7. This was really helpful for studying for a science test… except the 15 second breaks in between each phrase drove me crazy. But thanks!!

  8. Thankyou for your information. I really really agree with your opini about how to prevent or stop global warming. But, i have some opini too. Pertama, kita dapat membuat kendaraan yang tidak berpolusi, kemungkinan besar dapat memperkecil adanya global warming. Kedua, kita dapat mengurangi pada pembakaran sampah. Selebihnya, saya sangat setuju dengan yg telah dilampirkan di video. I liked your video. Thankyou❤

  9. This video is good. Tell us so many education about green house effect and global warming. Not only that, in this video also tell us about how To solve this problem, like use alternative energy, plant many trees for absorption the gases. My idea is lets make our earth more comfortable with fun activity. Lets reduce using the things that expert the bad gases for the earth. Like CFC, CO2, CH4, exc. Use your bike or your foot To go anywhere but only for short distance. If you Want To go for long distance you can use the bus, not use your car everyday. The car and the other transport that use machine expert many gases. The gases also can make our children get sick. So you must smart To take a conclusion. We also can plant many trees for absorption that gases. Now, there some of the plants that if we plant it, can absorption the bad gases like CO2. Lets try it. Now, our earth not in a good condition. So many method to solve the problem by doing a good and smart activity. C'mon. Take care to our environtment Guys! Dont make a new problem, solve the past problem for a good life. 🌻🌻🌱🌱

  10. All your vedios are wonderful & valuable . can you please make some vedios of crash course , complete syllabus for physics, chemistry, maths.


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