Hell Has Frozen Over: Meet Lamborghini’s All-Electric Terzo Millennio Concept

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While we’ve seen mainstream automakers slowly make the transition from internal combustion engined vehicles to electric vehicles in recent years, high performance and prestige brands have been a little slower to adopt plug-in drivetrain technology.

But yesterday in Massachusetts, Italian supercar maker Lamborghini unveiled its first all-electric concept car in the form of the Terzo Millenio (Third Millenium). As concept cars go, this vehicle is a flight of fancy that’s unlikely to make it to market in its current form. But, says Lamborghini, it’s a vehicle that gives us a glimpse of where the brand hopes to go in the future, thanks to a partnership with MIT that is funding research into high-power Supercapacitors for electric cars, as well as structural battery packs and self-healing body work. 

Yet despite this, the Terzo Millennio is a beautiful ‘what if’ car for a brand that has until recently, stuck with the V-12 engine. Is this the car to change the future for the iconic Italian brand, or will it just be a concept car that we’ll forget in a few months time?

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20 thoughts on “Hell Has Frozen Over: Meet Lamborghini’s All-Electric Terzo Millennio Concept”

  1. Implying that some of the best Automotive engineers don't know their stuff, is a pretty opinionated position, stinks of confirmation bias, and effed up opinions. Yes people's brains can think like that, but you can train that out. You can at least review your script before recording it for confirmation bias and opinions that contradict the facts.

  2. Teslas can go very fast to 60 beyond that combustion engines still rule the new lambo is a very exciting idea could be a game changer i still think the hydrogen fuel cell is a better future

  3. Electric cars are great , just a shame about the noise.
    The sound of a screaming Lambo V12 …..thats something these lawnmowers will never give you.

  4. Lamborghini is feeding off the parent company VW… don’t expect that electric car too soon. But damn that thing looks sweet.

  5. Very informative! Lamorghini is taking their time with electrification. They'll only enter the EV market (late) to keep up with their (sometimes faster, cheaper) competition.

  6. Hi Nikki, good channel!
    When you find the time try to google for Rimac Concept One. Allready in production electric hyper car. Very interesting.


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