Homemade Solar Food Dryer : Simple Idea

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“Moving from City to Country”

How we dry our sprouted wheat berries, fruits and vegetables in our simple homemade food dehydrator. We use this on Sunny days. It is very easy and works great! 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Homemade Solar Food Dryer : Simple Idea”

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  2. What ingenuity!  How long does one dry food in the bread trays?  Do you leave them out overnight or do you bring them inside?  What a simple idea!  I have a few bread trays at home and am going to try this next summer!  Thanks for the video!  

  3. Highly not recommend to use any kind of plastic (which leaks out poisonous gases especially under strong sunlight) and cheap quality steel mesh which maybe full of heavy metal and industrial waste materials. Use natural woods (not plywood or particle boards) and high quality food grade 316L stainless steel mesh.

  4. This is a GREAT idea except that putting food to dry in the direct Sun is NOT a good idea. The Sun will damage the nutritional aspects of the food. DO IT IN THE SHADE. Air flow is way more important than direct Sun heat.

  5. Hi I love your idea. Great!! I live in Tucson AZ, a lot sun. Can I ask where can I buy the window screen roll and which one is good? 

  6. looks simple enough. QUESTION. you mentioned that you allow air to go up and through the frame. now when you place that paper sheet on the bottom part of the frame does it not block the airflow? thank you

  7. just a thought, the screen material should be either stainless steel or food grade plastic to prevent chemicals from leaching into food.

  8. SUPER LOVE THIS!!! Will give a class in Church as soon as possible since is a quick project and economical, too! Instead of clips, I think I am going to drill onto the screen's aluminum frame 4 holes a bit bigger than the screw itself so the screw can fit loosely and a washer on the screw to prevent it from sliding through the hole. This will enable me to make sure the screens are a bit more secured against animals and, or kids playing around. Thank you so much!


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