Hot Water Heaters : How to Troubleshoot the Pilot in a Hot Water Heater

Hot Water Heaters : How to Troubleshoot the Pilot in a Hot Water Heater

One of the most common problems with a gas water heater is the pilot light going out, as this can result in only cold water coming through. Discover how the pilot light lies within an outer and inner cover with help from a master plumber and heating specialist in this free video on hot water heaters.

Expert: Chris Spannagel
Bio: Chris Spannagel has been a master plumber for 17 years and is licensed in Arizona.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

Series Description: Keeping a hot water heater in good working condition is the best way to keep warm water. Discover how old water heater valves will use more water than newer ones and more with help from a master plumber and heating specialist in this free video series on electric heaters.

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In this video you’ll learn how to install a gas water heater and earthquake straps. Step by step.

What You Need:
40 gal. Rheem Water Heater:
Pipe Joint Compound:
(2x) 24″ x 3/4″ Water Flex’s:
Gas Flex Connector:
Sheet Metal Screws:
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40 thoughts on “Hot Water Heaters : How to Troubleshoot the Pilot in a Hot Water Heater”

  1. THANKS SO MUCH! EXCELLENT VIDEO. I HAVE NEVER LIGHTED A PILOT LIGHT. WORKED FIRST TIME. Chris Spannagel should consider launching a series of home maintenance videos. He is a natural!

  2. Wow, thanks for the video. I just realized we didn't have hot water on this Saturday morning. Looked at the water heater and was pretty sure the pilot was out, but not sure how or what to do. Started watching your video. One of the first things you mentioned as a possilbe reason for this would be a windy night. Exactly what we had last night. So went through the lighting procedure; only had to take the outer cover off; an electric lighter, could see it trying and then saw the pilot flame through the small glass window. Success. Thanks again.

  3. Thank you so much for this video. It helped a lot. This is incredibly well explained and easy to follow.

  4. Tried everything he said. didnt stay lit at all. then I realized there is an air filter ribbon wrapped around the bottom. it was clogged badly. cleaned it out and the pilot lit right away , save me a couple grand for sure.

  5. Thanks this was very informative and it worked for me!!!! Many thanks on this very cold day.

  6. Thank you for your help! Our water heater wasn't working tonight and this solved the problem. Woohoo!!!

  7. Hey thanks alot bro. I was almost ready to call a tech. For some reason I thought it had an electronic ignition, so it wouldn't light just holding the Pilot button down. Once I followed your instruction I got it lit, and water is heating up now.

  8. Must be California state with all the nanny precautions. Instead of restraining the hot water heater you should restrain your overly regulatory-happy government.

  9. very good.. very well put together. You left out what size sheet metal screws they are, unless I missed it. Other than that, very good.
    You know I'm sharing this with all my family and friends.

  10. ATTENTION: The copper supply line he is using is awesome because he doesn't need a Dielectric Union. This tubing is built with a dielectric union, which properly separates the two metals. If copper and galvanize metals were to come into contact, an oxidation would occur which will ruin the rough plumbing near it and can shorten the life span of the water heater tank. The oxidation doesn't happen fast, it takes a couple years before you begin to see or notice the effects.

  11. thanks bro very nice and good explain video you save me 500 dlls from to 2 different plumbers thank you very much

  12. Great video, thanks Danny! Here are some suggestions for other small add-on video topics: how to disconnect and remove an old water heater, what to do if the copper supply lines and gas line go directly to the old hot water heater, and any additional steps needed to remove/replace a power vent water heater.

  13. Outstanding video, Danny. Clear,concise,very helpful, thank you. The part on the teflon tape
    is a boon.

  14. WOW!!! Following these instructions, anyone in my house can install a water heater in my home.

  15. Thank you Danny. MY question is….Do I have to ignite the burner in order to test the hot water from the tank to the outlets above (sinks and tub)? Without doing so, my cold water to these places is strong, but to the hot taps, I have no flow whatsoever. The water flow comes from a surface well with clean water, the pump on the footing kicks on at 30psi and off at 50psi….so no problem creating the pressure required….What could my problem be????

  16. Hi Danny, thanks for the video. My water heater took a crap today, started leaking water out from the control panel. After I got the leak and small lake of water under control, I started bugging out thinking how much a replacement was going to cost, watching this vid has shown me replacing it doesn't have to be scary.

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