How Did The Deepest Part Of The Ocean Get So Polluted?

Scientists have found trash in the deepest parts of the ocean, the Mariana Trench. What does this mean for us and the organisms living there?

What Lives In The Deepest Place On Earth? –
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The Deepest Ocean Trenches Contain High Levels of Pollution
“Deep ocean trenches – considered the most remote places in the world – have levels of toxic, industrial chemicals 50 times higher than a highly polluted river system in China, an analysis of tiny deep-sea animals has found. The discovery, published in today’s Nature Ecology and Evolution journal, highlights the pervasive nature of pollution and destroys the belief these deep-sea wildernesses are largely safe from human degradation.”

Earth Day² – Encounters with Trash
“You may think that working in the deep sea means that we only see pristine environments, but unfortunately that isn’t true. During our 5,000-meter dive in Sirena Canyon, along the Mariana Trench wall, we saw multiple pieces of marine debris. A soda can, a food tin, and a piece of rope all accompanied the fish, corals, and rocks that we imaged as we moved up the slope. We encountered even more trash (nine pieces!) on our dive the following day at Enigma Seamount, including several plastic bags and a piece of clothing.”

Bioaccumulation of persistent organic pollutants in the deepest ocean fauna
“The legacy and reach of anthropogenic influence is most clearly evidenced by its impact on the most remote and inaccessible habitats on Earth. Here we identify extraordinary levels of persistent organic pollutants in the endemic amphipod fauna from two of the deepest ocean trenches (over 10,000 metres).”


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20 thoughts on “How Did The Deepest Part Of The Ocean Get So Polluted?”

  1. I live in Miami and there is trash everywhere. I am coming from Venezuela where there there are not regulations about trash, the oil of the car repair shops is dropped in the water. The places where the trash is dropped are just hills with no isolation and the wasted of the trash go down to the rivers. I mean, humans just do not care and they even like to see trash every where and produce it like crazy.

    Humans need to die, at least 6 billion wiped out in no time. And it will happen very soon.

  2. What bothers me is the fact that apparently, somehow, an empty beer can managed to sink 16,000 feet and not end up as nothing more than a ball of metal.

  3. we should design a few different species of amphibious microorganisms that break down different types of plastics, styrofoams, and other pollutants and release them in to these polluted parts of the ocean to have them clean up the waters for us.

  4. don't forget about all that mustard gas they dumped in the ocean back in World War II when the Geneva Convention banded it. we're talking tons

  5. native of Guam here, when I was little way back 70s-80s I was amazed as to what washes up on our shores. glass ball floaters were my fave collecting. there were all sorts of trash in all languages too. thanks for well made videos👍

  6. Let's hurry up and clean up the ocean already. stop talking about it and use your evolved brains to fix the problem. or go to mars and stay there.


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