20 thoughts on “How Do They Recycle Paper?”

  1. They make propaganda for the masses. Delivered to your steps you take it inside Read it digest it and get sick from it. You return the used propaganda back to the distribution center for more new faster propaganda it's streamlined to drive you insane quicker , you can't wait and pay long to be first and it was money well spent. This was better then shooting it up your brain is damn near emitting light as you speak the engineered words that you have just learned to family… Anyone that can hear you.

    But it's time to send it back to the distribution center for processing because your still not dead . This shit will be on your front porch in the morning Phillip. What ever happens don't be late.

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing. I always enjoy seeing things getting recycled, because it both saves landfill space (although paper is biodegradable), and it saves limited resources (trees). God Bless you all.


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