40 thoughts on “How does a hydrogen fuel cell work?”

  1. Hm, and what is the efficiency ratio in terms of energy necessary to produce the input elements vs. the output energy of the cell?

  2. Hello Mr. Ajusa Albacete. Could you explain why you need oxygen in fuel cells (even though that is the definition of fuel cell)? In other words, can't you just break down hydrogen into electron and proton (hydrogen ion), then combine them again without oxygen?

  3. Thank you so much, I've heard book answers on this but no one has helped me visualize it before. Ah ha moment realized.

  4. you're so amazing. I wish you were my teacher, I didn't understand this until I watched your video.you deserve SO MUCH MORE CREDIT especially for your creative analogies. great job and thank you so much.

  5. Please make a video on photoelectrochemical cell and water splitting which are the now a days emerging issues and a solution to green energy

  6. This video needs a trigger warning, he tried to assume the particles gender and he is fat shaming

  7. Hello there!!!  Thanks for sharing bro..I have a question for you:- I know that the electrolyte made of Polymer membrane sheets, but where can I find them in our daily life or at home, appliances?, and the same for catalyst.. what they look like what they are made of???please give examples of show pictures. Thanks in advance.

  8. I really, really appreciate your use of a Boys and Girls Camp analogy. You really dumbed it down for me and now I understand what a fuel cell is and how it works. Thanks for the great vid!

  9. why we use catalyst..? as the path is covered by electron can also by proton.. why we giving priority to the proton as it move faster than electron…? my simple question is that if electron can take another path then why not proton. is it necessary to use catalyst..?

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