How much does solar REALLY cost?

From the most basic starter kit to a whole home solution, this video goes over the real world costs in 2016 for solar panel systems. This video only covers off grid systems so if you are considering a grid tied system you will need to consider other costs such as professional installation, grid tie inverter(s), and inspections/fees to your utility company.

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In this video I go through the components that are part of a solar power solution. I explain the differences between On-grid vs. off grid.
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Other equipment used or mentioned in this video:

* Solar panels: Tenesol Total Energy – TE250-60M+ – 250 watt monocrystalline
* Outback FlexMax 60 MPPT solar charger
* The solar array will be 2250 watts (9x 250 watt mono crystalline panels)
* The battery bank will be 8 x 150 Ah lead crystal batteries.
* A Victron Energy Quattro inverter
* A Victron Energy Grid tie inverter
* A Victron Energy battery monitor
* DC to DC converter
* Micro inverters
* Eskom power and cost of energy
* Reduce energy bill / costs
* Eskom solar pre-paid electricity / energy meter
* Renewable energy

In this series on how to Solar Power Your Home:

* What is “the Grid” – On Grid vs. Off Grid?
* What is the best type of solar panel to install?
* Do I need a battery bank….what battery technology should I use?
* A look at the different type of inverters?
* How much solar power do I need – sizing the array?
* Measuring your energy consumption with energy meters.
* How to make your home more efficient – CFL, LED lighting, solar geyser,
heat pumps…and more..
* Is solar power / energy financially viable in South Africa? How long does it take to pay off?
* Does power factor play a role in solar generated power.
* Solar Power for your Home – “Free Electricity”?
* Can I run my house entirely from solar power?
* How to Solar Power a Home
* How to Solar Power a House
* how to solar power my home

Post a comment on anything else you would like to see covered.

40 thoughts on “How much does solar REALLY cost?”

  1. Please who can introduce me to home solar systems made in USA that can ligth up 2 home air conditioner 2 horse power each . and ligth up 3 apartment with televisions .with 24 hours working capability .

  2. Solar power is not yet cost effective. The real truth is people going solar, don't really care. If cost effectiveness is the main reason for considering solar, then it's time for you to go back to sleep. Sleep well, and sweet dreams, and don't even think about the enormous damage being done to the planet for profit/energy production. Forget about the nuclear waste being dumped in remote areas where the containers will eventually leak, and pollute the water table and everything downstream. Forget about wiping out helpful bacteria, and killing off the myriads of species, for a few dollars more. As long as we can line our pockets, who cares if it effects future generations?

  3. $8,500 at a minimum for most probably, which is 56 months or 4.72 years to break even if you have a $150/month power bill. Not a bad deal if you plan to live in your house more than 5 years, but how often are you replacing those components? That can't be the only amount you ever pay and then nothing else ever again, I wonder.

  4. my requirement is 32 amp and 400 w i m using 12 volt led driver with each 100 w luminax but my problem is voltage drop factor c.c gives 13 v and led recive 10.33 dc can i use boost convertor which type of boost convertor i required for 32 amp load

  5. Cost of modules on industrial level is below 400 &/kWp => 0.4 USD/Wp. So press hard to get close to this figure.

  6. Thank you for the information, this is very helpful. For the largest 3KW system, how much energy in W-hr do you get in an average day?

  7. Not listed in the Large Production System is the cost of paying a qualified licensed electrician to set all this up.

  8. Hi I'm building a small solar system and I have a few questions I have 4 75watt 5 amp panels and a 30 amp mppt 12/24/48/100 volt input charge controller I want to wire my panels in series because they are over 75 feet away can I put 5 amps 48 volts into my charge controller

  9. can i use an on grid system without having to "donate" energy to my government? (in my country there nobody uses solar energy and there is no government subsidize if my energy foes back to the grid).

  10. I am busy investing in acquiring a solar system business and find your videos very informative and easy to understand. Thank you and I will be following all your solar related tutorials.

  11. In several states in the US they charge you for using solar power, there is no more credits. Nevada and Utah charge you a fee to add solar panels they say they were loosing too much money.

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  13. how can you use a grid-tied inverter to feed directly your house if the grid goes down. I though that a Grid Tied Inverter can not work without a signal from the grid to mimic.

  14. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for your efforts , can we have some more information :
    1- Is there any risk when there lighting strike with solar system can be make explosion or fair .
    2- What is the capacity of battery we need for 4 pc. of camera in warehouse .
    3- What is the best battery we need for long live working .

    Best Regards,

  15. In USA the power companies approach you with a question.Their question is you wanna make money by feeding our lines? is the question most likely they will ask.


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