How Recycling Works

Join SciShow as we explore what happens to your stuff after you toss it into the little green bin with the arrows on it.
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Single Stream Recycling Equipment

20 thoughts on “How Recycling Works”

  1. Polystyrene may take too much room, in the recycling truck, so it's thrown away instead and takes up, just as much room, in a garbage truck and just as much room in a land fill, where it stays forever. Why not recycle it, or just not use it?

  2. In the heart of South America is very different, in Paraguay recyclables are not being separated and get picked up by people who literally live on the garbage. I'm participating on a contest to change this up, if you're into recycling you may help clicking the like button that's pointed by the arrow once you enter this link: Thanks!

  3. I recycle paper.
    1.I tear paper into tiny pieces and soak it for 1 hour in water
    2.I pound it in a wooden mortar and pestle.Then,mix it with 5 parts water.
    3.I use a mould and deckle to scoop a sheet of fibers.Then,I press the sheet against moist cloth,transferring it to the cloth.
    4.I press everything with heavy books and…myself.I step on the stack,occasionally falling off.Then,I just leave it for 30 minutes.Then,I hang the sheets for hours.
    We can all recyclen!Every contribution you made.

  4. The ink from the recycled paper turns into a noxious, toxic goop. The glass, at least at our local plant, is just crushed and left out for anyone to take for zeroscaping. Not many takers.

    Now we have a single stream that is trucked 400miles (I kid you not) to a single stream facility. Because it's not like fossil fuels are bad for the environment or anything. ><

    I love the idea of recycling.

    I call bullshit on how it's being done at least in my area.

  5. Hi, guys
    Just quick questions to make it clear
    Why do we recycle if afterwards these big machines separate them on they own
    And how exactly us separating rubbish brings benefits, do we save up time or what? Please explain in a detailed way
    Thank you ahead


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