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This video details the simple construction of a 2-bin worm composter from readily available materials. Turn your kitchen scraps into garden soil, generate organic liquid fertilizer and reduce your trash while you’re at it.

For my worm composters I use worms purchased from Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. Uncle Jim will give you a 10% discount on your online purchase if you use the coupon code “greenshortz” at checkout. website:
(disclosure: I don’t make money from this…they just deliver a great product)

Here’s a video of the 8 ways I compost in my backyard:

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  1. Hi. Can you add a 2nd small bin and use it instead of the cutout lid to make the harvest easier? So you have the large bin, for the liquid collection, small bin 1 to start, and then small bin 2 inside of that to draw the worms up as the compost builds in small bin 1? Could you rotate out small bins 1 & 2 as the worms move up? Or am I making this more difficult?

  2. I was wondering if there is a way to insulate the bins for the colder months? I don't have anywhere inside to keep them.

  3. Can a smaller diameter drill bit instead of a hole cutting bit be used for the lid, drilling more holes instead of a few?

  4. Putting holes in the lid defeats the purpose of having a lid. Just drill a bunch of ~3/16 inch holes in a row in the sides just below the top lip of the bin. That way you don't need screen. You want air getting in, but not light and not rain water, if the bin is kept outside.

  5. I love how you reply to everyone! That must be almost a full time job. I am wondering what is the minimum temperature the worms survive at? I live in an apartment but want to make some compost tea for my small garden I'm renting. My only option would be to keep the worms on the balcony. Do you think that would work?

  6. I'm Swedish so I don't really know all the words for the materials that you're using but I'm wondering about rain. What happens if it's raining on top of it? Is the "screen" supposed to prevent rain from getting inside?

  7. Love your videos. I am an organic gardener and have compost bins & compost tea, but have never used the worms. I am interested in starting one of these, but wondered how long does it take before you have usable castings and how do you get it out of the bucket or bin? Do you just pour the worms out with it into the soil or do you take out the castings manually by hand. How long are the worms reusable? Do they just keep reproducing?
    Also, I understand that you use the tea 1:1, but what about the castings? Do you just mix the castings into the soil of your garden bed? Is there anytime you have to wait before adding to your vegetable garden? I am sorry if you already answered some of these. I did try to look through most of the questions & your video of Q&A, but didn't find answers. If you could answer these questions about the output of the castings, that would help a bunch. Thank you!

  8. Thanks for the info on the setup! A thought on the recycling – think about upcycling them instead. Those green plastic discs would be perfect nail/screw washers for tin/plastic tacking projects. One thing though…

    You're killing me smalls! Should have put four tack spots of caulk under the screen press it down in, and then put caulk on top and use a credit card or shopping card to screed it out.

    Seriously though, thanks for the great vid.

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