How to hook up Solar Panels (with battery bank) – simple ‘detailed’ instructions – DIY solar system

shows how to hook up solar panels (with a battery bank). simple instructions. home solar power station. very easy to put together. all you need is 1 or more batteries, an inverter, charge controller and a solar panel or panels. the following is for a 12 volt system. use one ‘deep cycle’ battery for every 2 to 6 amps your panels generate. (batteries like to be charged at this rate). a 12 volt 1 amp panel generates about 15 watts. you can use any solar panels. if you can’t get the smaller panels then buy one larger one. (Kyocera sells an inexpensive 7-8 amp solar panel (135 watter)). that would go perfect with 2 deep cycle batteries. the six panels in the video are from harbor freight tools. i bought 2 three panel sets. they sell the panels in sets of three or individually. coleman sells similar panels. the batteries are from walmart. they are ‘deep cycle’ batteries. the charge controller is from fry’s electronics. the inverter is from harbor freight tools. this system will provide all the ‘free’ power you will need to run tons of things around your house. i’ve posted 6 videos showing all sorts of things running on this system (computers, tvs, stereos, lights, power tools, appliances, and more). all can be found on my youtube channel homepage. great little system to start with. try ‘powering up’ one room in your house. you now have a solar assisted house. as one example; this could easily run a light, laptop computer, fan and small tv for several hours every day. also great in an emergency, power outage, remote and rural off-grid living.

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  1. I'm just wondering, how much does all of this cost? I'm considering installing one in my house for just my old t.v. What is the cheapest i could spend with this and how much would that be? Thanks :)

  2. This is an awesome video. I have a few questions as well and I would really appreciate it if you could assist me!
    I have a cabin in my forest property and we wanted to power it with a solar panel or two. We have access to panels that are 36 volts at 10 amps.
    We are planning to only run a TV, a decent amount of [led]string lights, a stereo, and a heater in the cabin (not all at once).

    Should I use one or two of the 36 volt, 10 amp solar panels? I'm thinking one, but I just want to be sure.
    Would I be able to use a 2000 watt inverter? Or what do you suggest?
    I'm assuming I should use a 36 volt charge controller?
    Should I use three batteries?

    Thank you in advance!

  3. I see your charge controller only has input for panels and output for batteries, whereas others have a 3rd, an output for the "load"

    is there any difference in getting a controller which has a "load" output and connecting an inverter there, or a controller with no load output just the battery output and connecting the inverter at the battery?

  4. Thanks desertsun02, great info. I have a 120w folding panel with what I thought was a controller  inbuilt on the back. So I attached this to the battery, which is now screaming its lungs out at me with a red light. could that be because I left the inverter attached to the battery or do I need to add a charge controller. PS battery is 105deep cycle and inverter 600W. Cheers and thanks again for the info, nice and clear easy to understand for a dumbo like me

  5. Good explanation, I just have a question of what solar panel watt would be good hooked up to two batteries to power up a small 12v TV for a couple of hours thanks 

  6. Hi, nice video. I have a question. What if I plug the inverter into a plug, like the one near your inverter from the video. Would it feed power back into the house? can it even be done? I don't do much outdoor stuff, but I do have 2 experimental solar modules producing over 350w a pop and would like to use it at the house without going all out and install it on the roof.

  7. Hi I want to power a shed. Few lights (led bulbs), stereo and a 50 inch tv. Can you tell me what I would need for this setup. Well 2, 100 watt panels work? With a 1000 watt inverter? What kind of charge controller would I need or ate they basically the same? Also would I need a few batteries? Ans would I use series or Parrell wiring?

  8. Desertsun02 very nice vid thanks for the clear explanations. Back to basics always helps.

    Can anyone give some insight:

    I am working on a very similar project and i have a window of 50 more days before my schedule tightens back up. I need to get a solar system on my van quick style. I have a couple questions maybe you'd be kind enough to throw some ideas my way…

    I want 1000 watts of panels as well. It seems extremely tough to get help on the subject though.

    I don't want to get a kit because like making your own computer i'm sure there's better products available. This is what i need your guys' experience in.

    Pretty standard:

    If i had a 960-1000 watt panel system:

    -What would be the best controller.
    -What would be the best/Safest Inverter.
    -How many batteries (I like the Vmax 155ah deep cycle ones)
    -What should i use for fuses/fuse box
    -and what kind of wire is safe to put it all together with. I really need to know what wire i will be connecting the controller to the panels because i need to run that wire and start closing up the walls.

    Anything will help guys.. and if you happen to know a good source for more info

    I just want to make sure i put this together with the correct components. My budget is the exact cost. which means i'll be over guaranteed.) no room to fudge up

  9. Hi. I just want to create a power backup system that will run my rollerdoor and maybe a sensor light for when the power goes out. My question is…. Do you hook the inverter up to the Solar Charge Controller's DC output OR directly to the battery?

  10. hi nice video. I want to power a 200 watt ice shaving machine on a mobil food cart. I was thinking in buying a recharchable battery that I can charge overnight and connect an invertor to it straight to my machine. what type of battery and inverter do you recommend?

  11. Hey there<

    thank you for your illustrative video,
    i have a question, i have a solar panel of 200W, and i cant connect the solar panel to the charger control because there is a connection, So Can i strip this connection and wire the panel directly to the charger controller or not?

    Please see at 0:33



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