How To Install Tankless Water Heater Plumbing

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15 thoughts on “How To Install Tankless Water Heater Plumbing”

  1. Good video. Aside from a 3/4 inch gas line, and galvanized pipe for outdoor tankless units, what major work is required to change over from a water tank system?

  2. Great info. Can you please explain why you have 2 gas valves cut offs? If have gas cut off right before the union would that not be sufficient? There is also a condensate line that you did not show connection. Q.- I have a enclosed box beneath unit to protect the pipes from freezing. Was wondering if can reduce the condensate line down to 3/8 or 1/4 in so can a drill small hole in enclosed box so condensate water will escape?

  3. great video, I don't electricity at my property. will this unit work without electricity, and if it doesn't what units could work? thanks.

  4. Couple questions Sparky. Any help with my concerns is greatly appreciated.
    1. Is it ok to use teflon tape for the water connections and yellow tape for the gas connections? I hate pipe dope. lol 
    2. Im trying to figure out if I need to upgrade my gas meter. It has 1/2 inch ports and I heard I need one with at least 3/4 inch ports. I have a 90% Gas Furnace and Im planning on going with the High efficiency Rheem with PVC intake and exhaust??? 
    I have been an Installer at a HVAC company but never done one of these.

  5. FYI my unit ECO200XLP3 LP GAS came with the Pressure Relief Valve.  I'm hooking mine up to a summer trailer (double wide) that has a 100 or 150 tank.  Do I need to run a 3/4 line all the way back to the tank?  Also I was considering installing an inline pressure valve to monitor the LP Gas… what do you think?

  6. A better configuration might be to switch the position of the union and the gas valve, that way the heater can be removed with the valves at the device.  Also, it is "Best Practice" to use a backer wrench when tightening or loosening any fitting.

  7. Thanks, I've been considering installing my own tankless unit.  After watching ur video I believe I can tackle this project now!  Only part I will need to add is the vent because I will be installing my unit inside.

  8. Hi Antraciet, I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I think that "Sparky Channel" will be a good channel for you because I'm a house renovator and many of my videos are directly from house renovations. I did a video last night on a tool that you might be interested in, the Klein 6 in 1 tapping tool. Neat tool. 🙂

  9. I hope i can start again with renovating my house,(very sad and bad year 2013; both parents died,…) for let or sell again to make little profit. I know a lot, but i like to watch videos on youtube, like yours. Allways i learn new tips and tricks, new tools. So yeach, continue with making videos. And Europe (Belgium) here.

  10. You have a great channel ! I discovered it yesterday, so i have a lot of work to watch all your usefull videos. Keep up the good work. Thumbs up.


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