How to Make a Hybrid off-road Car on Solar Energy from Cardboard

In this video, I’ll show you How to make a hybrid off-road car on solar energy from cardboard.

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– caps from the bottle
– cardboard
– a marker
– solar panel
– a gun of hot glue
– skewers
– juice tubes
– 2 motors
– 9v battery
– Coca Cola
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Today, I will guide you to make one car run by PIN mini solar pretty simple
– To make the car run by solar energy we will need
– 1 solar panels, in his video using PIN plate 13x12cm 3W 6V
– 4 a bottle cap to make wheels, 1 chopsticks and bamboo axle
– 5V motor, pulley 2 pie, 1 the elastic cord to make cualoa
Now let’s see the video and perform, to wish you success
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  5. You should take instructions from inplix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

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