How to Make an Instant WATER HEATER / GEYSER at Home under 10$

Enjoy this really cheap water heater this winter. You can find all these materials from your local stores. Copper tubing available at any cooling, refrigeration centers. It is used in Air conditioners. Valves and gas burner can be fount at any hardware store.

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If your water heater is old you may need a new Sacrificial Rod. It screws in at the top of the tank and protects a water heater tank from corrosion. See one here →
I think the frequency of water heater flushes should depend on your local water supply. If the water that flows into your home is full of minerals and particles, it’s going to settle in your tank and build up quicker.
A viewer pointed out to me the sticker on the tank: “EverKleen Self-Cleaning Water Heater” Can you believe it? I didn’t even notice! Too funny! Well it does show how well it actually works!

Rheem – Guardian Gas Water Heater

39 thoughts on “How to Make an Instant WATER HEATER / GEYSER at Home under 10$”

  1. this is not the economical one..instead of somya many hard arrangement people may easily light up their gas oven and heat the water directly…though it won't be running water by wild be easy way to heat water ac compare to this arrangement.
    if possible make instant solar heater..


  3. Misleading heading…….assumes you have a burner, orifice, and taps on hand. Copper coil is rather pricey also

  4. i can't seem to get any water out of my tank although its leaking from the bottom. any suggestion from any of you out there?

  5. Not that they are a bad manufacturer but I'm fairly confident that the water heater has little to do with the amount of sediment that accumulates at the bottom of the tank as well as water filters before the tank help tremendously to stop the amount if any from getting to your tank! My biggest issue with water heaters is the disclaimer on the tank that says it's OK for it to leak! Wow! Really! I live by that philosophy if it ain't broke. Don't fix it! I'm curious though! If it's normal to leak then do they send me a check every year for the amount of water wasted. I realize it's not much but add all the people in just your city County or state and you could bet that's alot of dañará for the company to have to pay for a leaky water tank which I wouldn't have expected to leak at all in the in 10 years or less that we bought it in..seems kind of shady!

  6. when cleaning a water heater from the outside like dust/paint is it save?? Please someone let me know if work at a apartment complex and they make us clean the water heaters when they are plugged in and we have to clean any dust they may have and paint from the painters. we use a wet rags to get everything off from the outside. We are always so nervous to do it once we already had some sparks come out. so it would be a lot of help if someone answers my question thanks.

  7. Rheem produces some High Quality water heaters!!
    I've got the Marathon by Rheem…
    It is an 87 gal heater which I keep set at 140 deg for bacteria growth inhibition purposes…
    It's over 10 years old and still working as new…
    Great Video Sir!!
    Liked & Subbed

  8. I am replacing this exact model right now after thirteen years with no problems at all. It is now leaking a little and won't relight, which I figure is some kind of safety feature. All in all it has been a great unit.

  9. I'm just over here wondering why no one has invented a simple brita pitcher level filter system to go between the intake and the storage tank. Then again, at that point I suppose upgrading to tankless heating works too.

  10. We have an old Rheem water heater at our year round lake cottage. If there is sediment build up in the bottom of the tank, would it cause our electric water heater to every once in awhile without warning to turn off . My husband has to go in and reset it and then it heats up within a short time. If this is the cause of that- when we get rid of sediment, do you think we would still probably need a new water heater?
    Also, do you have a place where we can get old Rheem electric water heater manuals?
    Thanks, Linda

  11. Wow, your water looked really good coming out of the tank. Do you have two tanks and run them in series? Does that help with lessening the load on each tank with them sharing the task of heating?

  12. Some sediment comes in with the water from the well or the city, my municipality performed an emergency water main repair that I was not aware of.  When I used the shower the fill dirt from around the water main entered my water heater.  I performed this flush for over 200 gallons of water to clean it out.  I wish I had a heads up on the main repair, I would have turned on the hose which is the lowest point in my plumbing system and closest to the street.

  13. I want to drain the water heater only to use for my carpet extractor. Is there a simple way to drain for hot water? Your way here is basic.


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