How to Transition to a ZERO Waste Lifestyle | Going Green |

How to Transition to a ZERO Waste Lifestyle | Going Green |

Tackling the zero waste lifestyle can feel as if you’re climbing Everest. It’s new, challenging, and rare. But, fret not. This is TOTALLY doable, I promise. In this video, I share with you my tips for transitioning to a sustainable, zero waste lifestyle.

My zero waste journey:

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  1. Im trying to live a zero waste life style, I use cloth shopping bags as much as possible, I recycle everything and recently I started paying more attention to what I buy in the grocery store, Im lucky I can drink the tap water at my house so I dont buy bottled water, I appreciate your videos and what you are doing, and I agree that as individuals we can all do a lot to have a cleaner planet, keep up the good work and keep fighting the good fight!

  2. thank you so much for this message! sometimes i do feel lost in this world. and you have reminded me that my life choices do make a difference. sometimes it's easy to feel like a minority. now that being a vegetarian or more conscious person is more normal for me, i forget that my small choices do have an impact. and even when people don't understand my choices, i see that some/few people do. if my example can inspire just once person, i can be happy with that… because like you said it's ripple effect. i may never know how far, but i have made a difference. πŸ™‚

  3. One way to make the mismatched non canning jars feel "pretty" is to use more than one of a type, and voila, a set! I have maybe five (I'm big on odd numbers) jam jars that are tall and narrow, a trio of Thai paste jars to bring spices home (they go in labeled jars at home). Not to mention that in some areas, mason jars pop up in yard sales, thrifts, and rummage sales.

  4. When u started talking about passion, tears came into my eyes. I am currently trying to make my family become zero waste and this video is amazingly helpful. Thank you so much.

  5. Thank you! I am slowly transitioning into being more green and slowly removing plastic from my current life and I just get frustrated when I go to the bulk bins for spices and find that I can't use my own jars and must hat their plastic ziplock bags and a disposable scoop. I feel guilty when I try and make my own bags (either knitting or sewing) I still produce waste. I really needed to hear this

  6. Finally someone who says that it is a zero waste that you don't bring home! I absolutely think it's awesome what you do!!

  7. You're so amazing! New subscriber. I'm so inspired by you. I've been wanting to start practicing this lifestyle more, as I am now I'm college and beginning to buy my own things and start my own life. I can't wait to see more videos from you!! Thank you so much for this❀❀

  8. This is the best video I've watched on the subject of zero waste. It is quite frustrating because there are no stores that sell bulk within 20 miles and no public transportation, I simply cannot get to the products, I still have far less trash than most. Thank you for 'it's okay' video.

  9. LOVE this, so refreshing as i've only just begun exploring the zero waste concept, and to be honest im kinda hooked already! but also feeling a little overwhelmed at feeling the need to go out and invest in all these different products to 'live the lifestyle', which is CRAZY, as this is completely opposite of what the concept is truly about! feeling motivated and inspired listening to you giving others permission to just live our lives the way we do and be us in the way we already are, and feeling empowered in the small things. thank you πŸ™‚ xx

    ps. have you ever thought about writing and performing?? your presence is beautiful, really captivating and you have a really powerful voice, i think you'd be awesome at writing and performing spoken word or poetry.

    anyway, thanks again. keep inspiring! xx

  10. It so so unbelievably hard trying to live a zero waste lifestyle as a 13-year-old since i still live at home with my family, although i try my hardest. I have a bamboo toothbrush and i make my own toothpaste, shampoo, and conditioner. I have used the same plastic container from my chicken chow main for the last 12 months now as my lunch box container, and i have my own personalized fabric bag that i made in my class i use my rubbish from the fruit and vegetables in my lunch box for my artwork in my class and for homework as I'm taking GCSE art. I get so many questions as to why i bring in my own metal flask for hot chocolate or coffee at school instead of getting one of the free plastic cups that they give you, and why they have never seen me put at least one piece of rubbish in the school bins and why I'm always putting my fruit peelings in my bag to take home. I've been bullied for it the kids at my school call me a freak, a hippie, a hoarder, and I've also had someone say that i take my rubbish home so that i can fix my house because they thought i lived in it, i cant remember how may times I've told them that it's because i love the world that we live in and that although it's being ruined with pollution we can change it together if we try and i know that i call it a ZERO-WASTE when its not because no matter what i still have the tags off my clothing and stickers of my lunch and that i live with a family that aren't living the same lifestyle that i am so yes I'm not living the life i want to live because i had my way i would be living off grid with my best friends Paige and Jude who also live a zero-waste lifestyle and we would have our own farm and house and we would write songs together and it would be simple and we would be us the people we want to be, the people we were born to be and NOT the people we are made to be and in other words i don't want to fit the mold i everyone wants me to be i want to burst out like a rainbow though dark clouds like that squirrel for the ice age when he finally gets his acorn. I want to be that squirrel- my name is Freya may this is my crazy, unique story being a 13-year-old girl living the best i can in a zero-waste lifestyle

  11. hi! I have always been extremely passionate about the environment and have been interested in a waste-free life for quite some time. however, i have some medical issues and use many disposable items to supplement my needs. For instance, you brought up your refusal to use straws, while they prevent me from spilling beverages (my condition hinders coordination.) Some waste is beyond my control, like my medication: i am required three injections per week. While the needles and syringes are returned to the hospital, gauze pads, alcohol swabs, and the plastic syringe packaging go straight to the landfill. I wondered if you had heard of any stories like mine and how they may embark a waste-free lifestyle, or if you had any ideas on how i could work around these obstacles. Thank you! Excellent video!

  12. The things you're saying like, "every little thing makes a difference," "this lifestyle gives you purpose" (paraphrasing) are really similar to what people say in the vegan movement. Appreciated the relaxed approach to it. I was wondering whether new glass was better than already owned plastic and this was helpful.

  13. Where can you buy Castilla liquid soap Ibdian ing my own container? & She butter in bulk ?
    Am in NYC
    Your video was great. Because I was over whelmed with thinking I have to buy all new things Using what you have is good idea.
    And feeling guilty that I was not doing enough. And feeling like a Failure:(

  14. Thank you for doing this video, it was really inspiring, I'm starting my transition and it has been so difficult, in my country this ideas are so new, I'm from Colombia, still I'm going to do my best.

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