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  1. Jeżeli ktoś z Was ogląda filmik do zrobienia zadania z moodle na polibudzie poznańskiej, to podaję odpowiedzi: pounds, recyclable, existence, oxygen, stable, reused, steel, removed, crusher, hydraulic, smelter, smelters, greenhouse, required. Jakby co, to polecam włączyć generowane napisy ze słuchu, są całkiem OK.

  2. The one guy in the video said: "Nothing goes to waste."

    I hope he's melting the aluminium with his excess body heat, because if that's not the case melting down recyclable material, as long as using it and then sending it into the recycling process could have been avoided, is still pretty much energy gone to waste.

  3. people get mad when they see homeless people recycling cans, although this video shows its good to recycle

  4. So can someone tell me, how do they clean all the excess liquid that's in the cans? People spit their snuff refuse in cans and stuff, how the hell is it separated/cleaned out!? ahhhh

  5. I am not sure about elsewhere, but in the UK the government doesn't really enforce recycling as much as perhaps it could do. I lose count of the times I find recyclable stuff in our shared bins. The recycling bin meanwhile, lies completely empty except for my rubbish. Maybe it's that we have such an influx of new migrants that they don't understand? I don't know. There's a business there for sure.

  6. The point about smelters using so much energy is a red herring.  Recycled aluminum must still be smelted and refined.  It is the actual de-oxidation process for transforming aluminum ore that is so energy intensive.

  7. i would like to see when a police officer suspects something in that truck and opens the back door of the trailer to see what is inside:))

  8. In 2009, 3.4 million tons of aluminum were generated in the U.S. and .69 million tons were recovered. Over $1.1 billion in aluminum cans were wasted in 2010. That money could create a lot of jobs. 

  9. +Discovery TV I seriously thought I could get 500 dollars if I turned in 500 crushed individual cans? My city said its 65 cents a piece.

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