19 thoughts on “Hybrid Cars: Are they worth it?”

  1. This is a BS story, hybrid will increase your carbon footprint, a simple Honda civic or Toyota 4 cylinder would be better. dont forget, that 3500.00 battery will have to be replaced eventually.

  2. Hybrids actually have LESS moving parts than straight Gasoline cars….this is due to gasoline cars having Transmissions, containing 6+ gears, solenoids, and Shitloads of Moving parts and overly complex…where-as Hybrids DO NOT have transmissions…they have a Generator and Power-Split Planetary System…which is EXTREMELY simple and reliable….Basically 1-speed, and the Computer decides how much electricity to send to control torque load…almost simulating a transmission, but MUCH more reliably…less parts, no gears changes, just Straight Gear Mesh and electricity…..just direct power. Electricity is MUCH more reliable than moving parts, no wear and tear.

  3. Don't buy hybrid there not worth it there as costly to maintain than to operate your old suburban because every 5 year you have to replace the battery which is $2500 per battery and after 10 years the car is worth $2000 and it become junk so just buy a regular gas power civic or accords

  4. yiykes! this report is really misleading… poor comparison of cars since you can get a much cheaper car than the honda (for comparison purposes), which could extend the pay-back period on the prius to over 10 years! this is why no hybrid is truly worth buying and which is why they constitute such a small percent of new car sales.

  5. The big problem comes when turns to go for a auto repair or battery replacement ,expect to spend BIG money ,Hybrids suck .

  6. Hybrids have a ton of torque compared to many other cars, so they can beat you off the line, but you could get them in the long run. Would still get the mustang though, hate hybrids. I would rather get a diesel than a hybrid.

  7. Even a modestly robust electrical engine can lay waste to a $70k Mustang Sherby or a $120k Dodge viper… some high school kids in Philadelphia from the not so affluent side…. put one together as a class project. that does 2.2 sec 0-100mph not even the Bugatti Vyron Supercar or the American Aero TT can lay claim to that sorta of acceleration…. when it comes to raw power fuel cars are like Snails. to bad many lack the education needed to realize fuel cars short comings. its basic physics 101

  8. only poor people are driving hydrid cars ! That's a fact. Why would you want to save gas when u r rich ? Saving environment ? Yeah right !

  9. (at)soulsanctuarymusic1 true but the future of cars are bio-fuels and hydrogen cells. full electric cars might work for a while but will not last

  10. (at)hazemvirus Hybrid are worthless shite, full electric is the way to go, you can get 300 Miles on $5-10 and you can convert any old piece of shit into one for less then $1,000 if you went far enough to stick a solar panel on the thing too you'd have a car that refueled itself while driving! Not to mention you get a massive tax rebate for it too!

  11. ya hybrid cars are shit, yes you may save a bit of money but you will grow old and will have a boring life! and for these eco mentalist i will listen to your advice and next week i will place an order for E63 AMG

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