Hybrid Cars – Explained

Hybrid Cars - Explained

What is a hybrid? How do hybrids work? Hybrid cars are simply cars that use two energy sources for power. A common type of hybrid is a gas-electric hybrid. There are two fundamental types of gas-electric hybrids, parallel and series. This video gives a basic overview of hybrid vehicles.

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20 thoughts on “Hybrid Cars – Explained”

  1. Hey! I am planning on doing a hybrid-electric conversion on a rear-wheel drive vehicle. Trying to brainstorm how to couple a manual RWD with an electric motor, where in the chassis it should sit and etc. I have the battery and cooling system figured out, just not sure about the motor. Can it be coupled to the rear differential? Any advice would be great, thanks!

  2. Is there a script that i can look at as i am doing an assessment about hybrid cars and your information is actually easy to understand

  3. What I don't understand is why ICE is used to chargr batteries for Elec. motor? Aren't there loses in energy conversion process? I mean you have to convert mechanical energy to electric and than back to mechanical e. Wouldn't it be more efficient to use mechanical energy directly, and for charging batteries use only regenerative braking?

  4. thanks for amazing guidance! ur videos are realy helpful. I wish if u could just put a video on compressed air car working.

  5. What kind of hybrid are the new ones? Because i drove a new kia niro and its combustion engine charged the batteries but it could drive pure ev and it could drive with battery help for combustion engine. So is it just kind of a. HYBRID 😀 of both parallel and series? And thanks for the really detailed info videos

  6. In a parallel setup, how can the electric motor and the ICE simultaneously rotate the transmission without messing with the synchronisation of one another?

  7. sir!
    I need to ask you a lot of questions related to hybrid cars because there are a lot of queries into my mind and i must have to make a hybrid car till 26 january.
    so please sir is there any other mean of communating you directly.
    Help me sir..

  8. what i want to know is how the IC engine gets involved on the parallel one when the car finally is going at a higher speed and needs the IC engine's help. Can two separate motors both be inputting power into the transmission without the slower/weaker running motor holding back the faster/stronger moving one? if that makes any sense

  9. what I find funny is trains use a hybrid system that is extremely effecient.  they can haul large loads for little fuel.  so how about making hybrids based on that.  the way a train is a hybrid is an internal combustion engine ONLY turns a generator that charges batteries only.  the batteries then power the eletric motors.  this makes it so when the electric motors have to work harder there is no direct need for more fuel to be used.  in the automobile version the ICE could turn off when the batteries are above a certain percentage and turn on when below.  it could also mean a smaller ICE as well, which means less fuel consumed

  10. Dear, I want to know how it works & which km its working & which speed it covert to IC engine…………….

  11. Still can't see how hybrids use less fuel. Regenerative braking amounts to so little on a long journey. Prius has over 1700 cc (not a small engine). How much does an engine use on idling? must be tiny amount.

  12. What if the electric engine doesn't start (fails) does the program jump to "start combustion engine?" Then give you a warning, or diagnostic message, to "check, or service electric engine?" Then continue running on ICE, until the electric engine problem is resolved?
    (i.e. default to starting ICE, on startups)


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