Hybrid Vehicle Working Animation

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What is a series hybrid? How do series hybrids work? Series hybrid cars use an engine to power a generator, which generates electricity to power a motor, which drives the wheels. Series hybrid cars can run with the engine on, using stored energy in a battery to power the driving motors.

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Video Rating: / 5

23 thoughts on “Hybrid Vehicle Working Animation”

  1. can you name some series hybrid cars?

    And also provide me your email, I have quires regarding this transmission.

  2. I'm sorry, I was wrong for the range extender alone it's around 260 I'm for a 7.2 l tank which makes it's around 2.7 l per 100km. The combined cycle is 1.9l per 100km when you are in electric only. Still those numbers are awesome. I think i still make my point on efficency . My souce en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_i3

  3. I disagree with you cons on Efficiency of the series Hybrid. Your reasoning is flawed. Yes there are losses in the conversion from ICE to Electric. You did not consider the following in the BMW I3 the ICE is only 600cc motor cycle engine. Lets compare that to the size of ICE engine required to move such a mass without a Electric motor. Then we see that the series Hybrid is comes in at around 1.9 L/ 100 km. To me this is way more efficient. I think the comparison is also wrong. Compare a ICE to Series Hybrid. Otherwise great show.

  4. I suppose Parallel hybrids can run as pure EV too, if they use a freewheel or an alternative mechanism at the engine-motor coupling. Right?

  5. how parallel hybrid work in city and highway with full charged battery and partial battery how the power flow works?

  6. Still downloading ur video. Keep it up nice work. PLZ can u get me a training institute were i can come n train on hybrids n electrical aspect of cars?

  7. that could simply increase car's weight and also as u explained, the efficiency can reduce….. so whats the advantage of using it?? and where can it b used ??

  8. I'm a little confuse about your explanation on series hybrids. You describe a generator and charger the way I understand it MG1 charges the batteries along with an inverter and transistors.

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