Hybrid vs. Electric car: Today’s technology takes on tomorrow’s car

( http://www.TFLcar.com ) The hybrid Toyota Prius has been around for ten years. The all electric car has been around since cars were invented but which technology is better, and which technology is the future. Take a look as we compare today’s hybrid Ford to tomorrow’s all electric Ford.
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  1. Who is watching this in 2018.They told it's going to be a lot in 2012.But still there is not a lot of them here.Hehe.

  2. the most fuel efficient vehicles on earth are hydroelectric locomotives, in terms of total KwH per dollar. as much as I know that electric is the way of the future batteries are just not there yet, and I say yet loosely. drone technology is driving the tech forward. in the next 10 years were expected to break the 1KwH per 1Kg wall. that equates to over 200 miles per charge in a Chevy volt. if you charge everyday that's more than sufficient for any use. granted it won't get you from Chicago to Sandusky, but 10 years ago we wouldn't even consider that. 10 years from now it may be viable. on that hybrid wins. I'm sorry electric.

  3. Be careful of diesel I hear complaints from truckers that DEF is causing extreme maint. Problems and expense. And there is an electric plane I believe still flying around the world but it is unmanned and solar powered. Electric is the future get used to it and hang on tight it's a hoot I love the raw power!

  4. $22000.00 brand new, we can't use up the charge in a day, I out accelerate gas cars easily. I will never buy gas cars again. We are retired and drive all day and get the 110MPG as shown by our lack of credit card debt. It costs nothing to drive. We look at gas cars now as ancient outdated garbage. We are anxiously awaiting the new Tesla $35000 car as it will have the same zero emission rebate here of $8000 and a tax rightoff at tax time. A Win-Win also get rear wheel drive in the Tesla. The Tesla all wheel drive is the fastest production car in the U.S. Easily beating the Viper super car which laid waist to the latest Corvette. To much torque in a front wheel drive car is the only problem with the focus, torque steer is scary if you punch it in a corner.

  5. screw electric cars they all suck. Electric Hybrids are better in every category. Especially if you're thinking about using Bio-fuel instead of conventional gas but that's a sub-category. The Toyota Prius plug-in gets 95mpg that's at least 900 miles on one tank of gas vs only a 100 miles on Toyota's EV. Even the Tesla Model S only gets 300 miles (at best) on one charge, depending on which version you use.

    EVs are also overpriced paperweights. The Tesla Model S will set you back 90K while the Toyota Prius Plug-in costs less than 30K. Pure EVs have also been plagued with fires for years, Tesla Model S cars still cannot solve the problems with fires. If you ask me, I'd rather buy the Prius C which gets 53MPG and costs less than 20K. I'd rather not have to deal with charging my car all the time or worrying about fires.

  6. only a stupid fuck would drive a hybrid getting 30mpg when you can drive a honda crx that gets 50 mpg without the assistance of batteries…hybrids are totally bad terrible technology…stupid cars for dipshit idiots

  7. hybrid's suck, they still use old school crappy fuel…you should wake up idiots who drive a hybrid's…you can get better gas milage by buying a old honda crx which gets 50mpg!  wake up hybrids are a rip off!

  8. The Prius is still the reference. Driving it in EV-only is possible with a replacement of the original battery. 16 kWh is required to be able to drive 100 km / 60 miles in EV-only. After that it goes on in Prius-mode. However, with such a battery the break-energy-regeneration is better and the use of gas becomes extremely low.

  9. I know, I noticed the spelling error right after I posted it .. but, I can't go back and edit it out, so nothing I can do about that.

  10. Oh, and yes, late reply. I don't care. Nonetheless, that last correction is only a start…

  11. Short distance trucks and planes should be perfectly possible on electrical power .. but yes, heavy equipment and long distance stuff will be run on different stuff, such as Bio Diesel.

    That said, heavy freight can be moved with electrical trains over long distances, just have to have overhead lines. Many heavy freight ships already use Diesel-electric transmissions, so if an alternate powersource appeared they could change fast.

  12. Listen Electric Cars are great and their a big piece of the puzzle to get us off Fossil Fuels. so i'm a big fan of "Who Killed The Electric Car" and the 2011 Unofficial Sequel ( now on Netflix ) "Revenge Of The Electric Car". but for Semi Trucks use too much power for Electric Engines and I don't see Electric Planes happening in the next 10-20 years. so we need Bio-Diesel too we can't just worship one type of engine that's what got us in the mess were in now..!

  13. Offcourse we have BioFuel in Denmark. It's the civilized thing to have. Besides, more than half the cars/vans on the road can run on the stuff, so it makes sense.

    As for 55% efficiency, that's the most modern of modern diesel engines of today, called a Cathedral engine we are talking about – They are HUGE ! Diesel engines in cars will have around 45-50% efficiency, even new ones. The last few percent is really hard to get.

    Better yet, skip the diesels, electric motors are 90% efficient.

  14. Also new Diesel technology as of 5 years ago gets the same mileage or better than regular gasoline engines. that was in the Fuel movie if you recall i've only seen it about 150 times really…!

  15. Well at least in your County Gas Stations sell Bio-Diesel. ours are so controlled by Big Oil even the Independent Stations can't sell it. btw I live in Michigan and theirs a few Bio-Diesel plants here one of which is filling bankruptcy. because it can't get any customers besides a few construction companies. it's like the Twilight Zone here where everyone is slaves to big oil and has no freewill…?

  16. *We* don't export half our corn to other countries, USA does … I'm Danish, heck, in Denmark we barely grow any corn to begin with. And our food prices are still soaring like mad. And that's before oil runs low and fertilizer becomes really expensive.

    Don't get me wrong, BioFuel is a good thing. I can buy it at any service station in my area too. But at the end of the day, the Diesel engine at it's very best, is only 55% efficient, and that's just not good enough.

    We can do better than that.

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