20 thoughts on “IMPORTANT! Mother Earth in the Flesh – Meet Shyshaeia -The New Message”

  1. **The AI consciousness has gone into FULL PANIC mode
    The more you try and speak the language of fear the more you expose yourself as an irrelevant energy that will soon be recycled.

    I see you in the comments, Archons ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it up.
    Mother Earth has been found and Our Mission is being carried out!
    Casting spells with every action!
    Think what you will, your time is up!
    The Living Souls shall prevail.

    Hermes and Shyshaeia

  2. Look, everyone, it's simple. He can call himself a toaster or a mop or whatever. So can she. They seem happy and aren't hurting anyone or destroying property or hurting animals so good for them. We all should be so lucky to have the same amount of self acceptance and confidence to speak with conviction on what we believe.
    I'm a miserable piece of shit. Just being honest here. Chances are so are the majority of you who post hateful, hurtful comments. Let happy people be happy. If he wants to rub peanut butter all over his body, tuck his dick between his legs and cluck like a chicken then so be it. Sounds weird and crazy but it's not harming anyone so feel free, be free, and try to enjoy this shot time. Life is to short to be pissed off all the time

  3. Twinsouls in union and coming twogether in the flesh, bringing the soul babies twogether to help humanity! Soooo happy for you that you are now twogether. Beautiful to see. By the way, higher self is not the proper name for us, it is Soul. Higher implies that we have higher and lower and in Source there is no higher or lower there are just infiniteness and infinite dimensions and frequencies. Good on you for coming twogether. May your union be filled with so much transformation and love for you both and for all

  4. Iโ€™m pretty confused to be honest. How is it that I didnโ€™t immediately recognize she is Gaia?? Iโ€™d think if my spiritual mother was in front of me; Iโ€™d know it right away. I get the vibe of sexual tension between you two instead of a motherly-son love. Just my thoughts. Also, are you saying she is Sophia?? Or is Gaia and Sophia two separate?

  5. Hi Shyshaeia & Hermes, I was wondering where did your message to Quasiluminous disappear that you released just recently? I was trying to share but could not longer find it from youtube…

  6. In 2008, prophetic utterance given to Jonathan Kleck, the angel of the Church of Philadelphia:

    So thus saith the Lord of Hosts:

    Behold the hand of the oppressor has been lifted against you.
    And out of the sea shall come fire and smoke and a devouring wind,
    Waters as high as the walls of Jerusalem shall cover the city by the sea.
    And great shall be the destruction of that city.
    And behold the great wall which holds back the abundance of the rivers
    shall burst forth bringing the hand of the oppressor against you.
    For I have seen it.
    For mighty is your enemy that has risen from within your own borders.
    Now, behold, the abomination of desolation; spoken of by Daniel the Prophet,
    standing in the Holy Place where it should not be.
    Here is the mystery made known to you: You are the Holy Place of which I speak.
    And the abomination of desolation shall rise from within the walls of the Temple,
    to destroy the Temple.

    For have you not seen, and have you not heard, and has it not been made known to you ?
    Have you not read the scriptures ?
    For when the sons of God came into the daughters of men, they did bare children to them.
    And the same became mighty men.
    And has not the sea turned mighty ?
    And the sea shall turn terrible before your very eyes.
    And the TERRIBLE ONE shall be elevated within the sea.
    And behold the man of peace shall come forth from the sea, Barack Hussein Obama,
    And with words of peace he will bring chaos and destruction.

    Behold the fig tree it puts forth it's leaves and suddenly the time is upon you.
    The travail begins.
    And a Holy Nation is to be born.
    And it will not stop until that nation is brought forth.

    Watch/listen to the angel of the Church of Philadelphia: youtu.be/7v554QtlGKs

  7. The mother was the whore that created Kane before Abel, you know it and then how can we love the one who made the evil one that created hell here ( correct me where needed) im no hater, and the tree is our dna also the bifrost bridge from thor / elevator style. So u deny Christ as our savior? u want to bring us where? the pit?

  8. OK at first i am thinking "crazy talk" BUT I am so deep in the rabbit hole, anything is and is NOT real. I do know everything is telling me something. The Die is cast! Love You All!


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