Is Earth Actually Flat?

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Flat Earth gravity simulation by Yeti Dynamics:

Kansas flatness study: (the pancakes used in the study were from IHOP):

the flatness of other states:

“The Meaning Of It All” by Richard Feynman:

“The Pig That Wants to Be Eaten”:

related Vsauce video, “Is Anything Real?”

Minutphysics “TOP 10 REASONS Why We Know the Earth is Round”

Good satirical series about how the Earth IS flat:

What if Earth was a cube?

If the Earth Were a Cube

Q: What would Earth be like to us if it were a cube instead of spherical? Is this even possible?

MYTH of the round Earth:

Earth is round:

Varrazano bridge:

Varrazano spelling controversy:

Flat Earth Society:

Wilbur Glen Voliva:

Flat earth map (one theory):

Poe’s Law:

Science is always provisional and theories are never conclusively proven:

Asimov on being “more wrong”:

Occam’s Razor:

Newton’s flaming laser sword:

Other razors:

relativistic length contractions:

I really liked this one:

Q: Why does Lorentz contraction only act in the direction of motion?

Earth and cosmic ray perspective:

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wolfram contraction simulator:

Susan Haack:

1996 election NYT crossword:
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20 thoughts on “Is Earth Actually Flat?”

  1. my brother is a "flat earther"….im actually super upset about this because he is super smart n i never would have thought he would believe such a stupid theory -_-

  2. The relativity aspect is interesting, but then every particle not going straight ( perpendicularly) into the North Pole (Flat Earthers' perceived direction of "down") would see a different (relatively) flat Earth. Come straight into South Pole and it would be the center of the "flat" Earth. Come straight into Ecuador and it would be the center. You would also see a two-sided flat Earth, not a one-sided one. Plus, the edges would still be round, but with increasing curvature as a particle's speed increases. In fact, it would never actually be flat, despite looking more so than a sphere.

  3. " So o you people , adore your Lord who created you , as HE did those before you , that you could take heed for yourselves and fear HIM " ( 2:21)

    " Who made the earth a bed for you , the sky a canopy , and sends forth rain from the skies that fruits may grow – your food and sustance . So do not make another equal with God , knowingly." (2 :22)
    Sky has Gates ;
    " Verlily those who deny our signs and turn away in haughtiness from them , The Gates of The Sky shall not be opened , nor will they enter Paradise ." ( 7: 40)
    Stars are fixed ;
    " We have placed the constelations in the sky and decked it out for those who can see ". ( 15 : 16 )
    The earth is Flat according The Quran ;

    " We streched the earth and placed up on it firm stabilisers and made all things grow up on it balanced evenly " ( 15 : 19 )
    The sky is a structure ;
    " Or let chunks of sky fall over us , as you assert ( you will ) , or bring God and the angels as a surety " .

  4. Okay first of all from a long long long time ago there was a plan to manipulate and deceive us which is the first accomplishment and they are pretty damn good at it because a lot of you are still sleeping and why wouldn't you think for once that the government would not put us In Harm's Way I mean break up m********** really the Earth is flat but when we say flat we don't mean flat as a pancake like the way you guys are explaining it and around the splatters is a big barrier of ice which is Antarctica I don't even know why I'm explaining because everything that has been taught to us has been in Reverse everything is a lie so who knows what the f*** okay but I do know a gut feeling when I feel it the Earth is flat and within a firmament which is like a eye glass Shield above us and within that Shield the Sun the moon the stars are within that firmament and nothing can go out of that Dome the firmament and it clearly states 75 verses in the Bible that the Earth is flat well it says circle of yours but it doesn't say ball and the Earth stays still it doesn't move the moon and the sun are the one that moves oh and if the Earth was a spinning ball a helicopter can hover in one spot and for 24 hours or however long it takes and eventually your destination will come to you right and also if the Earth was a spinning ball the water would literally fly off the Earth was made and created by God nobody knows nothing about what his plans are or what he has in mind but I know it's written on how he created it Bring It On it on if you want to argue not cuz I'm a s*** talker just because I think this is very interesting a cool debate I'm a good person okay I do not think at all that I'm smarter than everybody or whatever but like I said I would be cool right LOL have a good day

  5. These people are so fucking stupid
    They literally are pussies. Can't accept they've been lied or their whole lives.
    Real men understand the earth of flat. They accept it. They don't live in a fake reality cause they don't need a safe space

  6. Easy, bring some of those flat earthers go to space and back. Let them see for themself. If they found out that the earth is round and they still tell everyone its flat, smack them


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