Is Earth an Alien Cosmic Prison Planet?

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20 thoughts on “Is Earth an Alien Cosmic Prison Planet?”

  1. To be honest I don't fully support this theory, but I felt compelled to share it with you. I don't impose my beliefs in my videos. My goal is to share information with you, it's your goal to create your own belief and understanding of our reality. So let me know what do you think about this theory? Do you believe we were brought here for a reason?
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  2. Fascinating idea. Small nit to pick, current research has shown Neanderthals were not wiped out but absorbed by homo-sapiens. Most Europeans carry Neanderthal DNA.

  3. I will make it easy for you in a way that you can possibly understand consider God the Almighty father of the universe okay and consider that God he or she has set things in advanced for us. Don't you think that a deity of unmeasurable power could set things up and use a form of science mathematical equations also that not even our brightest scientist to come close to understanding. There you go something for you to think about and understand

  4. What if it isn’t a prison planet in the sense that we’ve been place here as a punishment but rather a deserted island on which we are stranded. Perhaps we came here 100s of thousands of years as a highly advanced civilization and over time the traces of that culture has been lost and built upon by what we think we know and understand of world history? πŸ€” either way, it’s all very entertaining to postulate…

  5. The alien use chimp dna mix with Alien dna. ,because chimp are smart. They create us. We were made to be slave . Just like black ppl.

  6. so, is this a joke????

    when you say many people believe this, how many is many? The 5 or 6 people that bought that alien conspiracy book?

  7. Warring for food,territory and resources is a survival strategy build into all the tribes and races that survived the long ages and one of the reason that tribes and races break apart is a result of food shortages and this is not much different with wolf packs. A territories food sources can only support so many people even more so living off hunting wild game and without this strategy the races would of had trouble surviving. A passive person is not only easy conquered and slain by other tribes and other humanoid species but also by predators like wolves,ladder boars,bears,tigers and lions and considering how slower human can run they would of had to find a tree to flee up or became easy game for the animals of the forests. War and the hunt is how you dominate,survive and reshape the world around you and remain free and keep yourself from being enslaved and the reason that humans continued to evolve and grow more intellect even more in the harsh cold environment where the freezing wind can kill man,woman and child . European some times lay down in the snow and fall asleep and never wake up and this is the age of summer and warmth much warmer then the world used to be. The ice age extended across most of the earth and even extend across most of south America and the farthest parts of south America and Africa and south America had a moderate and gentle climate in the ice age a place where creatures and humanoid did not have to adapt any farther to survive. A organism does not evolve because something is easy but because something is hard and those who fail have a greater chance of death and a lesser chance of passing on their genes. Intelligence,wisdom,instincts ,reflexes, violent behaviors, strength, health can be increased by a selection process that could span eons. Children who could endure the cold better would of also had a greater chance of surviving resulting in the surviving children passing on more of their genes increasing the numbers of those who could handle the cold better but we are in a age where the weak pass on their genes and corrupt governments want to strong and those best able to survive erased and the very hospital are used against the strong by the feeble,greedy,petty,cowards,weaklings,sadists and jealous who attempt to kill,sterilize and maim the strong and the gifted reducing the better genes in the species and even the schools become weapons of war and manipulation against children and if you learn anything about the hospitals in this nation is that some hospitals are overrun by the mentally weak,corrupt and half-witted doctors and are a threat to the public health.

  8. More of us becoming aware that in all the universe, we are not alone in it. Foolish to think out of all the trillions of galaxies, that there is only us. Some are much older civilizations, some primitive, some just animal, plant life, some lifeless. Once these concepts realized, we as this world's inhabitants, taken a strong closer in maturing. I have open views on all the theories on our existence here. I'm leaning more towards a past, high tech people here, something almost wiped out humans, lot of lost history, and humans began anew. What we have as evidence are the very old structures, writings of that high tech existence.

  9. A bunch of other people's thoughts dumbed down an poorly presented by an idiot. I'm sure you are getting enough views to buy wine though

  10. I think our whole existence is so miniscule..for all we know we could be some aliens dingleberry..lolπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…


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