Is Organic Food A Rip-off? | Compound Interested Ep. 3

According to a 2015 study by Consumer Reports, organics are 45% more expensive than conventional food. Meanwhile, a survey by the Organic Trade Association found that 52% of organic shoppers are millennials. So, are young people (or, consumers of all ages) getting ripped off on organic food?

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20 thoughts on “Is Organic Food A Rip-off? | Compound Interested Ep. 3”

  1. this is stupid. I pay extra for organic food because I can tell the difference between both sometimes. Also its safer then non organic food. I dont care about a fuzzy feeling….

  2. If you eat organic all the time you'll see its better then regular food,especially eggs and bananas.

  3. this clearly targeting children to not care if they are eating organic food or not you are a disgrace no child needs to be consuming genetically modified foods

  4. You're not paying for a warm fuzzy feeling assholes, you're paying for a better tomorrow. Not everyone does things for self-gratification you losers.

  5. Geico-sponsored shitpost with no real insight or logic to as why most of us choose organic. I'm about thru with you these days, Vice.

  6. Yes, it's a ripoff. and it's the most ignorant fad out there. It's not good for the environment unless you want to cover the Earth with farms.

  7. Organic is all about promotion of sustainable farming, promoting healthy soil… That's the point

  8. Organic foods are (just a little) better for your body, support more natural and often local farmers, and taste a hell of a lot better.
    I've personally lost over 20 lbs. by switching primarily to organic food (simply when available and not as a strict change or diet) and with keeping the SAME diet. I haven't cut down on anything except for the harsh chemicals and hormones used by mass industrial farming.
    Connecting more with my local farming and production community has also made grocery shopping a much more enjoyable experience. And as a regular customer and now friend, farmers usually sell me their meat/produce and prices that are actually LOWER than non-organic groceries.
    Simply buying more local, organic products has improved both my health and my quality of life.

  9. Again this video is another Price News paid by gmo enterprises because inorganic companies are losing versus organic products. Price News videos are defending on the wrong side or the side that pays them much. UNSUBSCRIBED!

  10. i have a much cheaper way to feel better. its called smiling more and being more positive as well as friendly =3

  11. Ohhhh, okay. So all of the USDA requirements that farmers have to meet to grow organic is complete bs? Not!

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