Japan Waste Management

Recycling Technology “Toward a Sustainable Society”
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Don't Waste Your Waste

The basics of sustainable waste management in animated form, produced for the Östergötland County Council in Sweden, for the “Waste To Energy” EU project.

Concept, script, design and art direction by Dedicate, animation by Jonas Porsgaard of SAPP (sapp.se).
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21 thoughts on “Japan Waste Management”

    1. Contamination If there are impurities or toxins on the original
    material, like lead, they’ll usually make it through the recycling
    process and end up buried in the new product, like say, a soda can.
    Have a nice day
    2.hundreds of buildings in Taiwan made from recycled steel have been
    giving people gamma radiation poisoning.
    '' be sure to recycle"
    3.The recycling process produces pollutants In 2009 there were about
    179,000 waste collection vehicles on the road. The exhaust fromf those
    vehicles contains over three dozen airborne toxins.
    '' good ole curb collection''
    4.One recycling plant in Washington state produces more toxic emissions
    than any other
    factory the next three biggest polluters in the area ae also recycling
    ''saving the planet"
    5. When paper is recycled, it’s all mixed together into a pulp. That
    is washed, cleaned, and then pressed into new paper sheets. During that
    process,, inks, cleaning chemicals, and dyes are filtered out into
    sludge. The sludge is then sent to a landfill, where it leaches dozens
    of toxic chemicals and heavy metals into groundwater. 'nice right?'
    '' matter cannot be created nor destroyed''
    6. There are about seven types of plastic that you’ll find in day to day
    life, and only two of them are recyclable.
    "' W T F " " O M G "
    7. Plastic is a pretty tricky animal overall, but in all honesty, we
    just have no idea what to do with it.
    " It costs $4,000 US to recycle one ton of
    plastic "
    8. oil is a pretty major pollutant. So it makes sense to try to recycle
    used oil right? Wrong.recycling oil creates even more toxic chemicals
    in the process.
    " really? " " yes really"
    9. Aluminum ? Disappointingly recycled soda cans can’t give you the
    quality you need to build an airplane, or even to use in electronic
    circuits. Its just shit aluminum..
    "" they never told us THAT "
    10. More aluminum; The average American drinks 2.5 cans of soda per
    day.That’s about 778 million cans. If 100,000 cans are recycled every
    minute (they are), we’re still about 600 million cans short. And that’s
    just in one day So in only one years time, doing the math for you,
    2,100,000,000 cans unrecycled…

  2. Isn't this just replacing ground pollution for air pollution. Sure, not everything that gets thrown out is burned but burning anything releases hazardous molecules into the air, right?


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