20 thoughts on “Jason Derulo – Human Nature (Michael Jackson Tribute)”

  1. lol after the crowds reaction im sure jason was like "screw it im just gonna sing Michael's songs" crowd went wild for this

  2. i always thought he was a bad artist, my respect for him just raised, by at least a million, killed it J

  3. I am Brazilian and I know that the United States does not like us Brazilians, I do not feel Pride of being Brazilian, I even have Shame in fact, But anyway … I always watched movies, series, drawings and programs from foreign countries and more developed, And for that matter, I have few friends, but that does not matter, I've been a Michael Jackson fan since I was 6 years old. I learned to dance like him, sing all his songs, collect CDs, magazine posters, books. .. all about it. One Day when I Have My Children I will introduce Michael to them and hope they will do the same with their children. I would like to be welcomed in the United States, I would like to live in this country, but I know it would not be welcome, so I'm going to stay here. You know …. Michael j. Is needed. We live in a world where we are all human beings we only live in different countries and we speak different languages, we are brothers but we are not welcome in other countries, It makes me very sad.

  4. Jason Derulo is the most underrated singer there is today. There are plenty of famous hailed singers who sing no where near as good as him.

  5. I appreciate the little things to make it that much better.. the moves the little noises mj use to make!

  6. Who told this dickhead he could sing a Michael Jackson song. He can't sing a regular song well. Stay in your lane

  7. I think everyone is inspired by Michael Jackson even when they don't think they are. Bless him and everyone who loves him

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