Jay Lehr: Humans are not the cause of Global Warming

Jay Lehr: Humans are not the cause of Global Warming

Jay Lehr at the 2008 International Conference on Climate Change speaking on “Humans are not the cause of Global Warming”

Neil DeGrasse Tyson reveals the causes of man-made Climate Change in a simple way through Carl Sagan, easy to follow explanations, and stunning visual models. He creates an intuitive understanding of humanity’s damaging influence on both the environment and on our civilization’s future.

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  1. Ok…Where's the counter argument for why climate change is not man made? I am researching counter arguments fro this to give it a chance, this video doesn't give anything

  2. I dont think Obama hired John Holdren so he can make more money. I think he hired the new science advisor because he is right. We are destroying the climate.. and even if we don't we need to put all your effort in to prevent it..

    Yeah i know, caring about the nature costs money.. You just wanna drive your big cars and burn more fuel and you dont wanna pay taxes..

  3. "one day someone discovered a hole in the ozone layer."

    And they've determined that's abnormal – after only 50 or so years of observation. They want it to close, but if memory serves correctly, I read an article that said if it did close Antarctica would be much warmer… the alarmists are in opposition to themselves.

  4. Take home message.

    Do not vote for ANYONE spouting AGW / CO2 Man made climate change.
    They do not have YOUR (or the planet's) interests at heart.

  5. You can blame a lot of this denial on past horrible environmental predictions by scientists. Look at quotes from Earth Day beginning in 1970 that have continued on year after year. We were supposed to have reached our doom 11 times by now according to those people. At a certain point it becomes the boy who cried wolf and people begin to ignore the scientists.
    Neil makes a good point that if we could see the CO2 then people would be much more inclined to believe it.

  6. It's all well and good for people of science to speak out and debate over this issue. the thing that grinds my gear is reading comments from people who know absolutely nothing about science and keep spouting the "97% of scientists agree blah blah blah" bullshit. I wonder if the same people believe, for example, that public debt is a bad thing and a sovereign state could go bankrupt because of it. I wonder if they would care to find what 97% of economists would say about it. Leave the debating to people who know what they are talking about and listen, trying to learn something from them, instead of harassing and belittling those who DARE to pose questions about it.

  7. Neil deGrasse Tyson would eviscerate the Trump administration's feeble intellect if he were to explain to them WHY pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord is NOT a good thing…

  8. We've been pumping CO2 into the atmosphere for a century. Why has there been no temperature change? Only recently you have propaganda videos telling people about the hockey stick scenario. It all doesn't add up. Until you discover the cure is carbon tax. How does a tax stop global warming? But it is making a lot of money for the government to spend, none of which goes to anything related to global warming. Nothing Neil deGrasse Tyson says proves man made global warming. He tries to compare Earth to Venus, which is ridiculous. Not only is Venus closer to the Sun, but its atmosphere is 90 times thicker than Earth's! A thicker atmosphere holds heat much, much better, no matter its composition, especially one that is 90 times thicker, and closer to the Sun. I have a high IQ and I'm a scientific person, and I'd be the first to believe given true evidence, but I haven't seen any scientific evidence to prove it. You just get people like Neil deGrasse Tyson who tells a story with no evidence. Science isn't a belief, it is proven, but there are global warming believers like there are flat Earth believers.

  9. If our eyes could see the CO2, it better not be purple, purple is my favorite color and that stuff looked cool. I might be encouraged to add more just for the sake of eye candy.

  10. Hey science guys… Why don't you kill yourself? If you're causing this so called "global warming" due to your C02 levels.

    Do us all a favor. end your lives lol Climate change is the biggest farce in this sick fucking world and you retards eat it up all because an actor spewing Pseudo science says so.

  11. CO2 is not the chief greenhouse gas, water has 20 times the greenhouse effect. The great cliffs of Dover came from the atmosphere originally, all oil, coal, and natural gas has organic origins.

  12. Notice one really Important thing that Neil Didn't say… Lets spend trillions of dollars from the future generations resources on solutions that don't work…

  13. Unless enough "influential people" TRULY GIVE A DAMN about our current global warming state. We are fucking doomed to ultimately end up like our sister planet VENUS. #SAD BUT TRUE

  14. Cause and effect. they are preaching the cause but not explaining why the effect is null. phys.org/news/2014-10-co2-atmosphere.html
    Or how much is put out by the 200 million insects for each person on the planet which is about 1000 times what humans make each year in methane and co2. Measurements of CO2 only show a slight increase which is reflected in plant growth so plants are actually keeping up with the co2 and decreasing it at a rate that makes the increase null and void, its the same with studies on methane. So while the scientific theory is correct there is no observable effect because the theory only shows the cause and not the nullification process from earths oceans and plant life. If this were 100% true then the temperature of the planet would rise substantially over a single decade but over 250 years they get maybe .5 degrees which can be explained away because 250 years to 150 years ago we only measured in 3 spots on earth and as more places were added they got a spike but not from those original 3 which is a simple mathematical error by adding new areas and averaging them with the old areas over decades. Even NASA on their website states that co2 and methane emissions are null but they add that the earth may have a limit to how much it can absorb and when we hit that limit the temperature will rise dramatically, which makes no scientific sense. If you want to be scientific then you must prove all theories by showing a predictable and observable effect, of which there is none.

  15. believeing in global warming is no different than beliveing in god…just another fantasy that makes people feel righteous and happy..but it is laughable at its face ( both)

  16. 97% percent of scientists agree that climate change is real and man made. This one guy with his profile picture as a truck says it's bullshit.

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