Land Pollution by BA111 Group 5

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These Soil Pollution Causes and Effects are Too Serious to Ignore

Want to know the tiniest details about soil pollution? Watch this video. Soil pollution! One of the gravest problems we are facing today. Well, the Earth itself is getting contaminated and polluted! Collectively, aren’t we all responsible for this? Cutting of trees, improper management of soil, wrong irrigation and agricultural practices, excessive use of chemicals, and dumping of waste on land, are the prime causes of degrading soil health. Soil pollution thus caused is leading to increased salinity of soil rendering it infertile. Land pollution is disrupting the balance of flora and fauna. Pollution of soil, though often ignored, poses a serious threat to life on the planet. It’s high time we make ourselves aware of the important soil pollution causes and effects and take steps to prevent the contamination of soil. To know the reasons for soil pollution and its effects on the environment, watch this. You should also visit:

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