Live At New Belgium Organic Vs Synthetic Gardening With David Montgomery

Its The F’ing Montgomery Beer Mixer! Scotty Real Sits Down With David Montgomery For A Q & A About Organic Vs Synthetic Gardening & The Effects Of Living Soils

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Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life
The Hidden Half of Nature: The Microbial Roots of Life and Health
Dirt: The Erosion of Civilizations
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7 thoughts on “Live At New Belgium Organic Vs Synthetic Gardening With David Montgomery”

  1. Dude! Holy knowledge bombs being dropped here! I have a new man crush in David Montgomery. My newest no Till homie.
    Guys I've got zero issues with people growing with conventional salt based systems. Everyone has to make decisions based off their expectations and what they want out of their gardens. Having said that, I think David helped put a few arguments to rest here:
    No Till organics can/will produce the same or BETTER yields while also producing a more nutrient dense product.
    That product will be less expensive to grow.
    That product will not be reliant on chemical fertilizers and sprays and thus be far more disease and pest resistant. (I've seen this one first hand when I grew with Chems).
    Finally, can we please quit saying Salts and microbes "play well together". Is adding microbes to a salt program going to hurt? Of course not. Do I enjoy flushing fresh 20.00 bills down my toilet…. not really.
    Pick one or the other folks. David has said it on every show now. If we are dumping salt chemicals on the roots, what Job do the microbes have to do now?! Their job is to communicate with the plant and exchange nutrition for sugars. It's a symbiosis. That symbiosis is greatly reduced or lost when we try to bypass the way that whole system takes place in nature.
    Dang! What a show Scotty and Guru. Thx boys. I'll need to go back and listen multiple times.

  2. Sorry about the audio, it's disappointing definitely. I'm gonna try to record something else today.

  3. I considered driving down from the high country for this one…just glad it got streamed live since I couldn't make it!

  4. Scotty Real, good stuff. I'll be looking out for a full video, web viewers missed the beginning and maybe the end? what did come thru was simply incredible information homie! way to grow!

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