Making The Planet Spin So Fast Things Fall Up

Making The Planet Spin So Fast Things Fall Up

Kerbal Space Program has the Kopernicus mod which lets you add planets, or modify existing ones. Let’s see what we can do when Kerbin rotates faster than orbital velocity and things fall upwards…

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20 thoughts on “Making The Planet Spin So Fast Things Fall Up”

  1. Try the Eötvös effect! If you fly towards west fast enough, things should fall down again according Eötvös effect

  2. Funnily enough I read Rendezvous With Rama just the other day! I've had Rama 2 sitting on my bookshelf for months but couldn't find a copy of the first one.
    AFAIK the physics limit in KSP would already let you make a structure in KSP the same scale (since the Kerbol system is 1/10 Earth size I guess Kama would be 5 km long and 2 km across?), but obviously that is a lot less impressive than full size.

  3. Because some pulsars spin so fast, will their surface speed be larger than their orbital velocity? Or is their gravity too high?

  4. I really like your content overall, but the constant loud lip smacking and these kinda sounds really make it hard for me to watch. I find that sad 🙁

  5. Escape velocity is 11.2km/s on earth. Rotational velocity at the equator is .46 km/s. The earth would have to spin 25 faster, about once per hour. You would experience some interesting coriolis effects though. When driving at highway speeds you would experience several hundred pounds of force. This would actually give you more downforce when driving West.


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