Maria Browne – A photovoltaic Thermal System

This video takes a look at the research I carry out at Trinity College Dublin, this involves maintaining the efficiency of photovoltaic solar panels and using the thermal energy generated by the solar panels to heat water.
Video Rating: / 5 We hope you enjoy this solar photovoltaic tour with Energy Services Director, Ph.D. Jim Maclay. In this video, you’ll learn about how to reduce the energy use and costs associated with your building. You’ll also learn about feasibility lifecycle analysis, design, financial analysis, power purchase agreement consulting, and rebate and incentive acquisition – associated with the in-house energy services we offer at LPA.

With Dr. Maclay, you’ll get to visit Toyota Motor Sales, San Bernardino County, The Irvine Company, Long Beach Unified School District, Grossmont Union High School District, Davis Joint Unified School District, Ontario-Montclair school district, the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach, and California State University, San Bernardino.

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11 thoughts on “Maria Browne – A photovoltaic Thermal System”

  1. Not sure why phase change is used on the back of the solar PV panel, when the best place is in the water tank.
    My PVT design with a 250 watt PV output and the solar cooling panel that uses water is being marketed for just £198.00 + delivery and from £500.00 for the installation kit

  2. hi
    can you inform me how you integrate the phase change material on the back of a solar panel please and is this material easely available?
    many thanks and congrats on your excellent project

  3. LPA is gaining a well-deserved reputation for pioneering environmentally friendly and green solutions. Everywhere I turn, I see the fruits of LPA's work. I'm proud of the remarkable progress of our community's new City Hall in Laguna Niguel. It will undoubtedly raise the bar on architectural excellence in the well-healed city.

    Thanks for sharing this video highlighting your company's commitment to environmental stewardship!

  4. I agree with Paul – when I think of LPA I think of 'early adapter' and even more, I think they help others be early adapters. Sustainability will be a very core component of building projects and LPA is figuring it out, blazing a nice trail. I was surprised that their history with solar is so long. Well done, looking forward to hearing more good things from your direction!

  5. I love love LOVE hearing about companies that are ahead of their industry, and are promoting good services/products, and are good for the environment…and are thriving at it! I call that the "triple bottom line" – and I've been following LPA because of it. Keep up the great work!


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