Meet Some of Africa’s Most Incredible (and Endangered) Animals

Meet some of Africa’s most colorful residents as we take a tour of the continent through the eyes of the incredible creatures who call it home. From a “jackass” penguin to an ornery eagle, a cheetah to a hungry rhino, these amazing animals are worth getting to know, especially as their populations become threatened from habitat loss and human activity.


This story is a part of our Planet Earth series. From mammals to insects and birds to reptiles, we share this great big world with all manner of creatures, large and small. Come with us to faraway places as we explore our great big planet and meet some of its wildest inhabitants.

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20 thoughts on “Meet Some of Africa’s Most Incredible (and Endangered) Animals”

  1. And of course most of these incredible animals are endangered due to humans and their actions. Yet they do it anyway knowing of the consequences.

  2. I see a lot of people in the comments expressing concern for the endangerment of wildlife. Please know that livestock is the leading cause of wildlife extinction because farmers have to kill predators and habitats are destroyed to obtain land to graze animals or grow food to feed to animals. We all have responsibility

  3. Will people just stop poaching and find something else to make money from. This is to the poachers how would u feel if someone killed u ,took you skin off and sold it for money yeah it would be miserable

  4. Sad thing about humans is that we have the ability to enhance wildlife and help them thrive alongside us. Yet we are so egotistic we don't care about them.

  5. PEOPLE WHO EXPLOIT ANIMALS FOR A LIVING, ARE REAL CRIMINALS – I would rather beg , than do hunting / killing / poaching.

  6. The Martial Eagle is listed as Vulnerable by the IUCN
    The Milky Eagle Owl is listed as Least Concern
    The Grey Crowned Crane is Endangered
    (There are two species of Crowned Crane in east Africa. This bird is a Grey Crowned Crane)
    African Penguin is Endangered
    The Addax is Critically Endangered
    The Eastern Black Rhino is Critically Endangered
    The Cheetah is listed as Vulnerable
    African Lions are listed as Vulnerable
    African Elephants are listed as Vulnerable

  7. It's so unfortunate that most of the incredible animals on this planet are the ones that are being endangered. I'm very grateful to this channel for raising awareness to some extent for the welfare of the wildlife.

  8. Martial eagles are so pretty why tf do people gotta be dicks
    oh wait I know why
    "Ohhhhhhhh this bird is so pretty time to kill it so I can have its feathers because people are smarter therefor better that this stupid bird that can crack my arm if it wants to"
    (ps im not a vegan nor anywhere near one it just pisses me off when poachers or any one acts like this)


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