39 thoughts on “Michael Jackson-Human Nature-Lyrics”

  1. Michael didn't write this song a guy named Bettis and his partner Socato wrote it and brought it to Quincy Jones, him and Michael tweaked it lol

  2. Ohh my..this song is extraordinary ..something magical ..whenever I hear it..feels heavenly..I just can't explain..love u Michael.. RIP💟MJ💟

  3. I can't believe I saw you for the first time on All star family feud! I wasn't happy when you beat the Wiggles on the show! But after hearing your song,all I could say "you guys are Awesome!"

  4. So, just Magical. I really want you to continue this amazing songs just as you have been doing since so far ago.
    Again, Just Magical.

  5. Tonight you're mine completely
    You give your love so sweetly
    Tonight the light of love is in your eyes
    But will you love me tomorrow

    Is this a lasting treasure
    Or just a moment's pleasure
    Can I believe
    The magic of your eyes
    Will you still love me tomorrow

    Tonight with words unspoken
    You say that I'm the only one
    But will my heart be broken
    When the night meets the morning sun

    I'd like to know
    That your love
    Is a love I can be sure of
    So tell me now
    And I won't ask again
    Will you still love me tomorrow


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