Mini Wind Turbine

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This demonstration video uses simple components and is intended to be used for a school science project in the fields of alternative energy, renewable energy, wind power, wind mills and/or sustainability. The motor can be purchased at Radio Shack and it is very inexpensive. The propeller (3-blade 13×8) and spinner can be purchased from a hobby shop. The music and special effects are royalty free.
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  1. I constructed a mini wind turbine but it's not generating light. Can some please tell me what d problem is. I used a 12dc dynamo and a rechargeable lamp bulb as d bulb and it's still not generating. If I use my hand to turn d dynamo when it's connected to the buld it wud generate light but when I mount the blade on d dynamo and d blade is rotating fast it's not generating light. I also interchange the wire connections, it's still not generating. Can someone pls help me and tell me what to do. It's urgent.


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