My Natural Hair Regimen- Greenhouse Effect

This video is explaining my updated natural hair regimen. The Greenhouse Effect was started by MeekaJael on yt so check her out for more info. This is my rendition of the method. I love it! Be sure to listen to your hair…don’t over moisturize b/c you don’t want fragile hair. Decide how much oil you want to use and how often you want to do it and you should be straight:) Check out Meeka Jael’s video on the method!

*In my videos I share my experiences and personal views or thoughts. I am not a professional therapist, stylist, naturopath or the like…If you get something out of my video, GREAT but always do what works best for you pertaining to your hair, health and well being:) Thx for watching!


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20 thoughts on “My Natural Hair Regimen- Greenhouse Effect”

  1. hi NappturaliTee. Love your videos but could you tell me what products you had in the spray bottle. you didn't say in the video. thanks

  2. You young lady are absolutely adorable. Love your spirit. Enjoy your videos. Had to subscribe. I um… am lets just say up there in age and started my hair journey about 3 years ago. Your videos and reviews serve as an excellent guide to show an ole girl what to do with my hair type. Thanks for sharing.

  3. oh my, I've been doing this wrong for half a year, but for some reason my hair seems to like it lol. I would do the GHE over night, then the next day I would either wash/cowash my hair. Then style and go. I always thought the GHE was a pre treatment before wash day..

  4. No you dont have to wash your hair everytime. This can be done daily, so washing it daily would be excessive. You decide how often you should wash it…dont apply oil to the scalp though and dont drench the hair with water. Just a light mist or no water at all. thx for watching!

  5. I really want to try this but only two things confuse me based on the multiple videos I've watched. Before doing this do I have to wash my hair? And if not how often should I wash it? I usually do it once a week.

  6. If you usually wear a cornrow braid out, I would suggest using very little to NO water at all. And use coconut oil since it is actually moisturizing on its own. DO NOT put oil on your scalp when doing this bc it can cause irritation from bacterial growth and stuff when its trapped in contained heat like the GHE. Good luck!

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