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  1. I don't mean to rain on your Parade, but using Galvanized Fittings is the worst thing you can do for this water heater. Those fittings will fail and the few cents you saved will cost you dearly when you have to replace them; especially when you mix them with Brass Fittings almost instant Oxidation. Cooper or Brass Fittings ONLY, don't cheap out and introduce contaminates to your water system. Great project over all, but Galvanized Fittings are an accident just waiting to happen… Cheers….

  2. tried it, did not work. The water sitting all day comes out hot, and soon as that water is run through, its back to cool.

  3. fyi … a continuous wrap would have been more efficient.
    doublng back would act as a heat exchanger and u would loose heat from your output to the colder water coming in to the solar heater.
    i like the simplisity of ur disign … i wonder if it could be made with out a pump 🙂
    great job

  4. Pink Floyd on banjo and fiddle . . . WAY COOL ! ! ! THANKS ! ! ! Oh yea, and the video was cool too. I have friends in Norway I tried to convice them to build this for their small pool . . . no go 'cause they didn't believe it would work . . . wouldn't even try !?!? Oh well… Pink Floyd on banjo and fiddle . . . really made my day !

  5. Thousands of videos I have watched. And no one tells you how to drain
    the water during the winter. Is everyone stupid. I don't understand. How
    can you have any confidence on any project if you don't have all the
    knowledge to do it.

  6. watching this video I was saying "paint it black!" glad to see you painted it black:) good job sir or Ma'am.

  7. I'm thinking of putting something similar to this on my roof to heat water inside the house for showering, washing dishes etc., but I don't want to use anything that will degrade over time; still not sure what to use. Is that Interstellar Overdrive; I feel like I'm having a flashback just listening to it.

  8. I want this, cold months is here and I still want to enjoy the pool.. this is a great idea..

  9. Hey man…great job! and I love your sound track choice, great version of that old Floyd song, brings back great memories, cheers!

  10. Just wondering why you didn't use black pipe and sit the panel on the roof behind ?
    Enjoyed the Music ….:)

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