NASA | Earth Science Week: Salt of the Earth

“Salt of the Earth” is Episode 4 in the six-part series “Tides of Change”, exploring amazing NASA ocean science to celebrate Earth Science Week 2009.

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Salinity plays a major role in how ocean waters circulate around the globe. Salinity changes can create ocean circulation changes that, in turn, may impact regional and global climates. The extent to which salinity impacts our global ocean circulation is still relatively unknown, but NASA’s new Aquarius mission will help advance that understanding by painting a global picture of our planet’s salty waters.

4 thoughts on “NASA | Earth Science Week: Salt of the Earth”

  1. It is like a big salt battery. hot being positive and cold being negative. This could be the energy needed to create the initial life form. I wonder if we could make a battery from salt water.

  2. This one is excellent…

    can't really comment on it other than to say that climate mechanics are very complex. As we are 2/3's water…. we need to look very closely at ocean ecosystems and their health as well as salinity and temps… we need all the pieces, not just a few as we try to understand our world.


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